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2010-04-29 Thursday Meeting

Attending: Brian, Chris, Andrew, Colin, Jean-Marie, Will, Donald, Ola, Josh, Melissa, Carlos, Scott


Remember: Agenda must be complete (with estimated times) on the day before the meeting. Any additions after that must go at the bottom (AOCB)

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

  2. Matters Arising (<10 mins)

    • Jean-Marie: please add the presentation PDFs to the website
    • Donald: please contact Jerome re: ROIs
    • Brian: Ask Michael if he will present his tools next Tuesday
    • Brian: Proposal for testing checklist (hopefully by next Tuesday)
    • Jason: REMINDER need to get Sam Swift involved in OMERO
    • Andrew: Add Till Phontonics to the website
  3. Technical decisions to be made (aqap) (<10 mins)

    • OriginalFile name/path
    • OriginalFile mimetype
    • Deletions & group-permissions
    • (possibly) annotation bidirectionality.
  4. Everyone: Go through 'unknown' tickets during THURSDAY's meeting

  5. Generating sprint # (45 mins)

    • What New Tasks were added to old sprint
    • What Tasks are left in old sprint
    • Make new sprint
    • Estimates
    • Close old sprint and move other tasks into new sprint
  6. Email and Forum Review - checked at 13:30 today(5 mins)

    • Email -
      • Ghislain Bonamy - ROI model from the September 2009 Schema
      • Arcieri, Kenneth - Ice::SocketException
    • Forums -
      • Navigating back to Image by johnjhufnagle » Tue Apr 27, 2010 8:00 pm link
      • omero.server and omero.web by bhcho » Fri Apr 16, 2010 7:03 pm link
    • QA -
      • 2412 (and 12 others) swanjere@mai... Importer 4.1.1-r592 HIV_Virus_Membrane3 - loci.formats.FormatExcept...
      • 2407 unknown Web 4.1.1-r592 2010 04 26 Content-Type: text/html ...
      • 2406 avgise@ender... Insight 4.1.1 2010 04 26 exporting/downloading pictures... java.lang.Exception: Abno...
      • 2403 m.spitaler@i... Importer 4.1.1-r592 2010 04 23 ...0-4-23-DAPI+MitoDeepRed633.lif tried to import a file from a ... Unable to locate Pixels:2...
      • (and 5 internal reports)
  7. AOCB (<5 mins)


  • Minutes accepted

  • Matters arising

    • Jean-Marie has posted all
    • Donald contacted Jerome; need to contact others
    • Brian talked to Michael about presenting. "Let us know"
      • Will find out today from Michael
    • @Brian will get a rough testing script together for next week
    • TillPh. on the website (file passed validator)
  • Tech. decisions

    • originalfile name/path
      • eggregious misuse is in import
      • performance issues
      • the whole point is uniqueness
      • colin: relative inside of repo? yes.
      • colin: pixels get the unique?
      • decision: UNIQUE=repo+path+name (ticket:1753)
      • For FS, Pixels will have a similar UNIQUE path
    • mimetype
      • Image now has Format linked to it
      • Should we get rid of mimetypes in format and use real mimetimes on the file?
        • @Yes, will require more testing once done (ticket:2211)
    • Ownership/Permissions
      • RW allows delete of object
      • R-Link only allows the link to be deleted
      • If you have shared an object, should you be able to still delete it?
      • @Ticket: specify what delete needs for all permission types?
        • Specifically interesting to see the power of the PI for deletes
      • @Carlos detail what the use case is and how it is fixed
    • bidirectionality of annotations
      • Josh: one major issue is we wouldn't be able to take it back
      • hold off.
      • we don't need it at the moment.
  • ticket planning

    • Unassigned tickets
      • May need to freeze some development, and move people to other tasks
      • Hudson Green tickets: leave them for now
      • generally moving export out
    • old sprint
      • Josh: db & scripting (ldap if there's time; possibly just a preview)
      • Chris: getting last bits of codegen working, impact on import with new schema
        • Hibernate performance ???? (perhaps during testing)
      • Will: no new functionality; more complete workflow & documenting those
        • Figure export scripts working again
        • summary: scripting and other testing
      • Brian: testing importing (not filechooser)
        • modify metadata store (client-side) for all new types
      • Colin: fs registering objects in new db for some file types
        • testing/documentation & new interface
      • Donald: FLIM running today, reading ROIs from the server
        • demoing tomorrow to David
        • next step: upgrade and optimize and methods to present results
        • Q: matlab testing? holiday
      • Ola: finish sharing
        • not available and nothing was done
        • Q: Ldap? maybe end of next week.
  • misc

    • Jean-Marie: code release is typically spring / fall
      • what's the strategy for the model?
      • Saw issue in SPW (major change)
      • Josh: perhaps two development lines of schemas?
      • Chris: as we get further with codegen, without schema change, we won't be able to see it
      • working copy more public?
      • Jean-Marie: we need -- like at code level -- more bug fixing-style of iterations
      • Official release and a dev version (e.g. s/string/int/)
      • Andrew: we could separate models for our DB and models for interchange
      • Josh: similar to what we do with the database
      • Jean-Marie: people are going to use the SPW, so if we wait too long
        • mistake to wait 6 months
      • chris: issue is one of end users
        • but have to have a policy for these bug fix changes
        • and has Andrew more involved in iterative development
      • Andrew: only .5 day moving forward
        • @Chris will provide Andrew with testing examples
        • compliance page
        • all diagrams done; but need text
        • paris on the website
  • email / forums

    • modelling of ROI
    • somewhat say, yup to Kenneth
    • Josh writes about image/annotations
    • @Brian reply to QA aperio tickets (#2412)
    • @Chris reply to (#2403)

Action Items

  • Brian: Find out if Michael is available for next Tuesday ASAP
  • Brian: Rough testing script for next week
  • Eveyrone: Make a decision next Tuesday about interative model changes
  • Brian reply to QA aperio tickets (#2412)
  • Chris reply to QA (#2403)
Carried Forward
  • Andrew: take lead on putting up the 'compliancy page' (from 27th April)

New Tickets

  • Will: Look at what delete needs for all permisssion types
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