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2010-04-27 Tuesday Meeting

Attending: Brian, Donald, Ola, Will, Jean-Marie, Scott, Chris, Andrew, Colin, Josh, Carlos, Melissa, Curtis


Remember: Agenda must be complete (with estimated times) on the day before the meeting. Any additions after that must go at the bottom (AOCB)

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

  2. Matters Arising (<10 mins)

    • Jean-Marie: Put up the PDF version of Jerome's presentation
    • Donald: Validate proposal for ROI changes with Jerome
    • Everyone: Go through the 'unknown' tickets (report 28) and own your tickets BY NEXT TUESDAY
    • Josh & Chris: Find out why the hybernate upgrade didn't give us a performance boost
    • Everyone: QA build for Friday night so we can test over the weekend
    • Chris: Wipe Mage clean for weekend testing
    • Jason: get agenda up for Paris meeting
    • Jason: We need to define requirements for official OME-XML recognition
    • Andrew: Need a compliance spec pages similiar to the minimum spec page link:ComplianceSpecification (page needs content added)
    • Andrew: Send e-mail to lists asking about ROI usage in preparation for 3-dimensional additions
    • Andrew: Document the deprecation of Path and PolyLine in 2010-04 (removal in 2010-09)
    • Andrew: Proposal diagram to be put up on OME-XML Trac and linked in e-mail
    • Donald, Jean-Marie: To solicit feedback from Jerome on VertexArray and 3-dimensional geometry.
  3. Today's presentation: Scott talking about the background to his PhD (45 mins)

  4. AOCB (<5 mins)


  • Meeting minutes

    • Josh: report 28? and when do we decide what to drop?
  • Matters arising

    • Jean-Marie uploaded PDF
    • @Donald needs to contact Jerome re: ROIs
    • Report 28: some of them will need to be moved
      • Josh: should be careful to not just push all tickets which have no owners
      • some are important
    • QA build was done along with some testing (mage cleaned up)
    • compliance page: up but is missing content
      • @Andrew takes the lead on the content
      • won't happen until after release
    • @Brian will ask if Michael P. would like to present next week
    • Should consider getting a solid testing frameworks
  • Scott's presentation (17:17-17:46)

    • "Began by trying to understand what usability was"
    • insights from scientists, but what was critical to the SD research?
    • is there a flexible enough framework for such a dynamic dev team?
    • scientists don't see the infrastructure underneath OMERO
    • "special requirements on scientific development..."
      • "academic funding is difficult to come by"
    • Q&A
      • Jason: in the group meeting, Michael asked is there a new version?
        • "...not on nightshade, it'll break everything..."
        • technical challenge & the rhythm of development
        • Scott: in principle, agree with agile principles * but developing in this context doesn't provide a suitable rhythm * acknowledge and allow for that instability
      • Josh: don't have a good feeling for the 'constraints of the scientific development process'. Not sure what you mean by this
        • Agile 'rhythim' seems to do exactly what the scientist needs
        • Chris: the users are different * Agile not ideal for our 'underlying structure/api changes'
        • Donald: we actually have large changes
        • Donald: what is usability?
        • Jean-Marie: you only see the usability from the client POV * There's also the model-users, there's the API-users * Balance between which entry. Many point of interactions * Jason: Michael is tense because we're going to break things * Jean-Marie: community has to communicate back at some point * Broke down at some point in time. Pipeline is blocked.
        • Scott: because of the nature of the communications, they can get broken * inconsistencies can arise
        • Jean-Marie: is one of the constraints trying to build a community? * One goes from one workflow to the next, adding slowly * cF. FLIM, EM, ... * How can we address larger workflow in one shot? * Donald: when you ask a bigger question, they don't seem to want to answer * Jason: they answer, but just two words: "data management" * "Got to work with ImageJ" when pressing. How to get beyond that? * There was a process by which we got useful information. * Brian: keep equating users to scientists * But there are different breeds. * Seems like we should be identifying groups of 'users', and define their needs * Scott: first step is to identify that and re-evaluate over time
        • Jason: according to agile, how do you handle multiple product owners? * Josh: it's more technical. if there's value, then you have to refactor to support the various views. * Scott: need to be able to tailor something * Josh: How do other projects with 'multiple user groups' handle this problem? * Chris: the difference is that there's a core group of developers who make all the decisions * Jason: ROI is a good example. Multiple consumers. * FLIM, EM, etc. * What can we do to deal with that? * Lots of good will
        • Jason: what's the point of having developers with the scientists, * if we've failed to communicate what's coming? * Brian: we've misjudged before, small change (Will: cf. private) * Jean-Marie: How can we make the messages about process change clearer? * Chris: Understanding what the users are consuming helps us to know what to notify them about * "What's the public API? Who are we going to affect if we change something?" * Comes down to staffing; without going out and asking the community, there's no way to know

Action Items

  • Jean-Marie: please add the presentation PDFs to the website
  • Donald: please contact Jerome re: ROIs
  • Everyone: Go through 'unknown' tickets during THURSDAY's meeting
  • Andrew: take lead on putting up the 'compliancy page'
  • Brian: Ask Michael if he will present his tools next Tuesday
  • Brian: Proposal for testing checklist (hopefully by next Tuesday)
  • Jason: REMINDER need to get Sam Swift involved in OMERO
  • Andrew: Add Till Phontonics to the website

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