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2010-04-22 Thursday Meeting

Attending: Brian, Andrew, Chris, Curtis, Carlos, Melissa, Jason, Jean-Marie, Donald, Will, Ola


Remember: Agenda must be complete (with estimated times) on the day before the meeting. Any additions after that must go at the bottom (AOCB)

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting
  2. Matters Arising (<10 mins)
    • Reminder: Next Tuesday: 1600 UK
    • Review XML examples; lots of small before/after examples
    • ROI change proposal resulting from Jerome's visit.
  3. Email and Forum Review - checked at 13:40 (5 mins)
    • Email - none
    • Forums - all outstanding topics waiting on info from users
    • QA -
      • 2401 new w.t.poh@dund... Insight 4.1.1 2010 04 22 - Launching OMERo insight java.lang.Exception: Abno...
      • 2384 new b.gerritsen@... Insight 4.2.0 2010 04 19 - Tried to delete an unfinished ... java.lang.Exception: org....
      • 2382 new unknown Insight 4.2.0 2010 04 19 - - java.lang.Exception: org....
      • 2379 new avgise@ender... Insight 4.1.1 2010 04 18 - - java.lang.Exception: Abno...
      • 2376 new unknown Insight 4.1.1 2010 04 16 - - java.lang.Exception: Abno...

Meeting Notes

  • Accepting Minutes: accepted
  • Matters Arising:
    • Next week's Thursday meeting is a 16:00 UK time
    • Trying to get omero images into Jerome's tool by Paris
      • Proof of concept only
      • This will displace a few things we planned for Paris
      • Try to get Jerome's 3d ROIs into omero (extend our model for 3d)
  • Emails
    • All seem up to date
    • NOTE: You must go to the forum on a regular basis to save your notifications
  • QA
    • Most insight tickets closed
      • Still a question about what to do about plate deletions
        • Will need to test heavily during the testing cycle
    • Hybernate performance
      • Why is the upgrade not giving a benefit?
  • Should have some standalone OME*XML library ready for next week
    • Will probably need to draft some folks for test cases
  • Mid-Sprint Update
    • Going well
    • Everyone prepare a QA build for Friday afternoon (weekend testing)
    • @Chris: wipe mage for weekend
  • Jerome Meeting
    • Jason is working with him on open source licensings
    • Jerome is working on improving his mac install process
    • Some API swapping between projects will probably be useful
    • We are going to help with his source control hosting
  • Misc.
    • Some laptop money around if your laptop is dying
    • Final JCB dataviewer paper done and approved
    • Chris has about half a day of work to do for FS
      • Should be able to get a 'zeus-type' folder going by next sprint
    • Till Photonics is the latest company to support OME-XML
      • Need to get some sample data from OME-XML supporters
      • We need to define what is required to get official OME-XML recognition
      • We need a compliance spec pages similiar to the minimum spec page

Action Items

  • Jean-Marie: Put up the PDF version of Jerome's presentation
  • Donald: Validate proposal for ROI changes with Jerome
  • Everyone: Go through the 'unknown' tickets (report 28) and own your tickets BY NEXT TUESDAY
  • Josh & Chris: Find out why the hybernate upgrade didn't give us a performance boost
  • Everyone: QA build for Friday night so we can test over the weekend
  • Chris: Wipe Mage clean for weekend testing
  • Jason: get agenda up for Paris meeting
  • Jason: We need to define requirements for official OME-XML recognition
  • Andrew: Need a compliance spec pages similiar to the minimum spec page

ROI discussion (Andrew, Donald, Jean-Marie, Will and Chris)

  • Outcomes:
    • NO structural changes to the schema (for 2010-04)
    • NO changes to the transform (for 2010-04)
    • Andrew: Send e-mail to lists asking about ROI usage in preparation for 3-dimensional additions
    • Andrew: Document the deprecation of Path and PolyLine in 2010-04 (removal in 2010-09)
    • Proposal diagram to be put up on OME-XML Trac and linked in e-mail
    • Donald, Jean-Marie: To solicit feedback from Jerome on VertexArray and 3-dimensional geometry.
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