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2010-04-15 Thursday Meeting

Attending: Brian, Colin, Chris, Jean-Marie, Will, Donald, Ola, Josh, Melissa, Carlos, Jason, Scott


Remember: Agenda must be complete (with estimated times) on the day before the meeting. Any additions after that must go at the bottom (AOCB)

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

  2. Matters Arising (<10 mins)

    • Chris: See why Curtis' & Carlos' passwords aren't working
    • Curtis: Send out a techincal list of ImageJ/Fiji functionality that could be useful for OMERO
    • Everyone: Be ready for Thursday! Go through and move tickets to future if not doable in the next month
  3. Generating sprint # (45 mins) (Include this section every other week)

    • What New Tasks were added to old sprint
    • What Tasks are left in old sprint
    • Make new sprint
    • Estimates
    • Close old sprint and move other tasks into new sprint
  4. Email and Forum Review - checked at (5 mins)

    • Email - [ome-users] Connection lost exception thrown when trying to upload an image (7th April)
    • Forums - On going movie topic link, LDAP link,
    • QA - delete a LDAP experimenter link, create a test share link (+ 6 internal feedbacks)
  5. AOCB (<5 mins)


  • Last Meeting's Minutes accepted
  • Matters arising
    • Jean-Marie uploaded PDFs of presentations
    • Chris: Curtis (password)/Carlos (perms); he'll do it now
    • Will: et al. will look at Fiji (scripting env., etc.)
  • Milestone trac page review
    • Importer tickets staying
      • History Table
      • UI improvements
      • Diagnostics
    • Insight stories staying
      • Permissions
      • Scripting
      • Figure Export
    • Web stories staying
      • UI
      • Publishing
    • Admin/Security staying
      • Secure Login
      • Permissions
      • Workflow
      • @Ola adds ticket for small reporting requirements
    • Backend staying
      • bio-formats
    • Research staying
      • Collaboration
      • ElectronMicroscopy
    • Data Model staying
      • ROIs
    • Items moved to 'Previews'
      • HCS: list opengl platforms supported, fix roi/measurements, plate acquisition
      • Import Images
      • "Open With..."
      • OpenGL
      • HCS Data
      • Web HCS
    • Items GONE
      • FS: not a preview
      • 3D Image Views: moved out of milestone
      • RoiStorage
      • Alternative Storage
      • Multiple-Paths
      • Linkage
      • NDimData
    • Items needing REVIEW
      • 1733 / public data access
      • Library Upgrades (for ICE)
      • Scripting improvments
  • Paris
    • When to do presentations?
      • During lunch a bad idea? Perhaps a lunch buffet?
      • During breaks, evenings?
      • Always have a demo booth ala ASCB (B Jones can run)
      • @Jason will distill a decision from this conversation
  • Emails/Forums
    • @Andrew still needs to finish the OME-XML diagrams for Fiji Crew
    • @Chris talk to ome-user who lost connection during import (April 7th)
    • @Ola deal with create a test share QA feedback

Action Items

  • Chris: Need to make sure Carlos can access (password ok not permissions)
  • Jean-Marie: Copy the link for the presentations to the website
  • Andrew: Make sure all your stories are in the correct milestone
  • Ola/Jean-Marie/Will: Syncronize client functionality
  • Jason: decide on presentation format for Paris
  • Andrew: OME-XML diagrams for next week at the latest
  • Chris: talk to ome-user who lost connection during import (April 7th)
  • Ola: deal with create a test share QA feedback
  • Everyone: check if your requirements in 'report 9' need to be 'unscheduled'

Best Practices

  • We should put stories/requirements in a milestone but not a specific sprint
  • Preview items are put in the milestone preview section

New Tickets

  • Ola: Add tickets for small reporting requirements
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