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2010-04-13 Tuesday Meeting

Attending: Brian, Ola, Chris, Donald, Jean-Marie, Curtis, Melissa, Colin, Carlos, Josh, Scott, Andrew


Remember: Agenda must be complete (with estimated times) on the day before the meeting. Any additions after that must go at the bottom (AOCB)

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

  2. Matters Arising (<10 mins)

    • Jean-Marie: Please post all presentations to the plone
    • Ola/Carlos/Curtis: Add email details to Shoola Trac
    • Josh/Chris: Do a diff of the DSL / compile and see what classes break (Do Friday)
    • Andrew: give us a visual summery of 'image down' model after changes (filter, etc)
    • Andrew: Get a poster together for Donald's talk on the 21st
    • Everyone: Review Jason's email with preliminary Paris meeting agenda
    • Everyone: Re-subscribe to the forums to receive email notifications
    • Everyone: move tickets that can't be done by 4.2 to 'future' (MUST DO BY NEXT THURSDAY)
  3. Fiji: Curtis's presentation (45 mins)

  4. AOCB (<5 mins) # Notes #

  5. Minutes: accepted

  6. Matters arising

    • Chris: Curtis' password not working (Carlos also)
    • DSL: josh and chris will work on model this week
    • Paris: agenda ok? Nothing special at the moment
    • Jean-Marie: create a report on trac for Thursday
    • All: trying to close the permissions/ssl chapters
    • Group drop-down
      • Jean-Marie: we still need to implement the drop-down in web
      • Will: not critical, nice short-cut
    • Hudson/Chris
      • 2 new nodes on hudson, keep an eye out for something weird
      • Jean-Marie: cleaning up javadoc
  7. Presentation/Curtis: who/what is fiji

    • LOCI philosophy is to be as interoperable as possible
    • What's the difference between Fiji and ImageJ2?
      • ImageJ2:
        • goal is to integrate: imageJ, Fiji, visbio, slim plotter, TRI2, FARSIGHT, ITK, CellProfilers
        • core image processing library for Fiji
        • BSD licensing
      • Fiji:
        • is a bundle of imageJ with some plugins/marcos/scripts included
        • Focus on segemtation & registration
        • additional tools to facility scripting, tutorial maker, updating
        • goal: "easy way to develop novel algorithms"
        • fully GPL
        • scripting with 7 languages (Jython, Java, Groovy, etc).
        • tutorial maker. google for: imagej+fiji
    • imglib as data model for imagej, need to add metadata/introspection
    • itk/improving wrapitk and its templates
    • Q: (Andrew) ImageJ2 splits gui & core...?
      • A: architectural separation, yes. But pointing most people at Fiji (more plugins)
    • Q: (Jason) Where should OME be paying attention/adopting/etc.?
      • A: lots of overlap (and reuse)
      • Lot of display stuff. Insight could leverage use that
      • Concerned: seems impossible to always take advantage of each other's work
      • There's the server- v. client- rendering issue
      • Then there's the client- v. server- scripting issue
      • We'll make them interoperable; but we have to keep re-assessing
    • Looking now v. waiting
      • Will mature, but don't want to do things in parallel
      • Read over the ImageJ blog presentation
      • Curtis will send out a more technical list
      • Reading through the trac tickets
    • Perhaps Fiji can present at Paris
      • Some sort of 'hackathon'/gathering event with Fiji/OMERO would be valuable
    • Q: (Donald) What are the next steps? Overlaps, etc.
      • Fiji has no aims page. Focused on automated segementation & registration
      • We should probably align our ROI models in anticiptation of cooperation
        • ImageJ ROI model has some deficiencies, would like to adopt the OMERO model
        • OMERO model needs some changes to meet multi-dimensionality requirements for ImageJ
    • Q: timeline for the AWT refactoring? (Chris)
      • ~ a year.

# Action Items # - Chris: See why Curtis' & Carlos' passwords aren't working - Curtis: Send out a techincal list of ImageJ/Fiji functionality that could be useful for OMERO - Everyone: Be ready for Thursday! Go through and move tickets to future if not doable in the next month

# Needed Tickets #

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