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2010-04-01 Thursday Meeting

Attending: Brian, Chris, Jason, Colin, Will, Donald, Josh, Melissa


Remember: Agenda must be complete (with estimated times) on the day before the meeting. Any additions after that must go at the bottom (AOCB)

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

  2. Matters Arising (<10 mins)

    • Points from last week
    • Points from tuesday
  3. Generating sprint 6 (45 mins)

    • High-level discussions: SSL, db updates, etc. (Requirement report)
    • What New Tasks were added to old sprint
    • What Tasks are left in old sprint
    • Make new sprint
    • Estimates
    • Close old sprint and move other tasks into new sprint
  4. Email and Forum Review - checked at (5 mins)

    • Email -
    • Forums -
    • QA -
  5. AOCB (<5 mins)


  • Previous minutes and matters arising

    • @Please everyone fill out your trac email addresses!
      • Some done. Several outstanding.
  • Sprint 5

    • Hudson
      • Pushing all? We should spread out the work and get it done.
    • FLIM
      • ROI tagging working
      • Workflow (UI) poor
      • Need more time. Wasn't good enough.
      • Saving was working, but otherwise not giving us anything
      • Need 3-4 more days
      • Jason: who said it's not good enough
        • Donald: me. One just couldn't use it.
        • Jason: breaks downstream things that we were planning * sub-optimal: ok. But we know we're not giving David everything * Does it give David anything he can use? * We're already stretching his delivery requirements * Should we get an independent assessment * David is the arbiter. Can we get feedback from him?
      • Will: don't know anything about the workflow
      • Jason: be cautious about "3 days" more.
      • Chris: tickets
        • ticket 1921 isn't started
        • ticket 1985 is in progress (no commits)
      • Donald: spending time on this because also need time for makemovie, etc.
        • Will: people have asked, "how do we select on roi from many?"
        • Currently use text on shape
        • Donald: doesn't give us a generic mechanism for all scripts (extensible, etc)
        • Will: will have to change the scripts when we go to another way of tagging
        • Donald: but we want a framework so it can be chosen by the user
        • UI has to be usable
        • Chris: is this FLIM or analysis?
        • Donald: focuses on FLIM but generally fixing namespace/keyword selection for rois
        • Chris: Will's ticket 2036 could refactor the ROI work out.
        • Chris: estimate of 2.5 for FLIM is not realistic for everything in ticket 1985
        • Donald: not sure how long it'll take
        • Donald: two steps that haven't been mentioned yet * changing colors of ROIs and ... * not doing it now, but necessary for other people
        • @Sit down tomorrow (Will, J-M, Donald) about the way to break it down
        • Not 100% sure of David's deadline (started 2 weeks ago), @need feedback from him * Needs tagging/annotation of ROI selections (to distinguish ROIs from each other)
    • LDAP/SSL/Permissions
      • Progress on several fronts, moving all forward
      • LDAP needs testing with unusal LDIF files
    • moving all web tickets forward (no Ola or Carlos)
    • server-side import
      • moving #2083 and #1745 forward
    • XML: Andrew not present. Moving all forward.
      • @Need to make sure changes from last meeting are present
      • Relevant in next iteration on metadata/bioformats/fs work
      • Should get this done before we do the BF stuff, will generate a good number of changes
      • Dependent on working copy of the schema
      • Have to decide about DB munging
    • FS/Colin
      • two active tasks (#2048, #2093)
      • should be cleared tomorrow, but push ahead
    • Website (#1786)
      • Chris gave details to Andrew about Brian
      • @Add Brian Jones on the DevContactList
  • Sprint 6

    • @Colin needs to add his unit testing tickets
    • @Chris needs to finish adding his additional bio-formats tickets
    • Will
      • block import working, otherwise tasks done from last discussion with Christof
      • @Will needs to have another discussion with Christof & Ingvar (sp?)
      • Now has the code for cellcognition, should have commandline ability in another month or so
      • Should have some capactity to help Donald with RIO stuff
      • @Will find out if Christof is coming mid-April
      • @Will send update/screenshots/show where we're at to Paul, Steve L., and Christof
      • Jason: got validation that EMAN is the thing we should be working on
    • Carlos
      • currently integrating work from Ola on metadata into wrappers for ASCB
    • Josh
      • Hopefully arriving on the 12th (will confirm)
    • @Middle of next week go through all tickets and assign to sprints

Action items:

  • Everyone: please finish updating your shoola trac email information!!
  • Will, J-M, Donald: meet tomorrow about RIO changes needed
  • Donald: Email David to find out his requirements and dead line for FLIM
  • Donald: split #1985 into refined tickets
  • Brian: add SSL relog bug for gui importer
  • Andrew: Need to add tickets for changes from last meeting
  • Andrew: Add Brian Jones to the Dev Contact List
  • Colin: Add tickets for unit testing
  • Chris: Add your additional tickets for bio-formats to sprint 6
  • Will: Need to have another discussion with Christof & Ingvar
  • Will: Find out if Christof is coming mid-April
  • Will: Send update/screenshots/show where we're at to Paul, Steve L., and Christof
  • Everyone: Next Tuesday organize going through all tickets and assign to sprints
  • Chris: Answer the question on the forums about atomic SPW imports
  • Chris: Answer the guy about var log question
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