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2010-03-25 Thursday Meeting

In Attendance: Brian, Andrew, Chris, Jean-Marie, Ola, Will, Josh, Colin, Melissa


Remember: Agenda must be complete (with estimated times) on the day before the meeting. Any additions after that must go at the bottom (AOCB)

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

  2. Matters Arising (<10 mins)

    • Andrew: Follow up on the final website changes
    • Ola: One outstanding FAQ for you which needs to be linked to the API
    • Brian: move #1967 to a story (sprintless)
    • Chris: Need to modify the var/log page
    • Everyone: we need to do a sweep to test permissions changes
    • Jason: remember to go over the about pages tomorrow night for Andrew
    • Everyone: need to explore and decide on how to work with web-client basket
  3. Export of data (e.g. OME-TIFF) and permissions

  4. FS status. Status before next iteration planning session

    • cF. Embl status and layout issues
  5. Email and Forum Review - checked at (5 mins)

    • Email -
    • Forums -
    • QA -
  6. AOCB (<5 mins)

    • Reminder: Chris & Andrew having chat after meeting


  • Minutes

    • Chris: one thing. Forgot
  • Matters arising

    • Website: nothings happened/turned up yet. Try to contact Bjones
      • @Chris will provide his jabber
    • Brian: 1967 moved to story
    • Chris: change var/log page
    • @Need to add SSL data to the troubleshooting page
    • Permissions testing
      • Chris: readonly/readlink was a suprise
      • Lead to the brokenness
      • Testing suite is not catching things
      • Need to get to the point where we don't have to click
      • Chris: not efficient if only Josh writing them
        • Have written 40-50 tests
        • Doesn't cover annotations, etc.
        • @Throw several people at writing tests
        • Tomorrow discuss a testing strategy, 10AM
        • (May also clean up the annotation.description logic and the single rating)
    • Jason/Website: after the meeting, will contact Andrew
    • Web client basket: still need to explore
  • Export of data & permissions

    • Jean-Marie: Can I export an image in read-only group?
      • Chris: take 5 minutes to write a client
      • Jean-Marie: deeper in concept of image ownership
      • Need to put aside time to discuss it
      • Jason: asymptotic approach to perfection in permissions here
      • some things we can deal with; and some you have to take responsibility for
      • probably asked to add another permissions for "Download"
      • Chris: what we do or don't expose in the client v. the API
        • No line plots, analysis, etc.
        • An option would be to have a web-frontend (JCB/publishing)
  • FS

    • Pretty close to having the metadata infrastructure in place for insight display
    • Missing: capabilities of BF/FS to read from file, metadata-only import, bf-initialize
    • start initially with a BF.setId() on each call (unoptimized)
    • Colin: 3 tickets underway
      • Need to discuss if any specific data is missing
    • Josh: fs-or-bust
    • Colin: currently limited to flat directory structures
    • Jean-Marie: performance (esp. in ImportCandidate) is key
  • WebAdmin

    • Creation of groups, etc. has been updated
    • Feel free to test and let Ola know.
    • "system" group is on the list. Unsure.
    • Refreshed on mage
  • QA/forums

    • Chris/Melissa keeping up with their BF fixes and adding tickets accordingly
    • Patch build for bf 4.1?
    • Will: Leica reader is filling things improperly (attenuation v. transmissivity)
      • Jean-Marie: setup time with Melissa?
      • Andrew: This is on ticket for light source
      • Jean-Marie: the enumerations for things like light sources are all full (not abbreviated) but users need a way see abbreviations as well
      • @Andrew writes up as a ticket
      • @Will discusses with Melissa
      • How do we handle corrections to existing imports? (update db? silent? other suggestions?)
    • Chris is testing the jabber based notifications for the forums. Will see how it goes.
  • Action Items

    • Chris: Get BJones' jabber information to Andrew
    • Andrew: need to add SSL data to the troubleshooting page (assign as needed?)
    • Everyone: need to throw several people at writing better permissions tests
    • Everyone: meet tomorrow 10AM (Friday) to discuss testing strategy
    • Jason: catch up with Andrew about website later today
    • Jean-Marie: Create a story/wiki page for image ownership, sharing, & permissions
    • Everyone: Please continue to look at web-client basket for feedback
    • Will: Talk to Melissa and see if the attenuation problem can be fixed (also add a ticket)
    • Andrew: Create an over arching story ticket for enumerations and custom user needs
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