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2010-03-23 Tuesday Meeting

In Attendance: Brian, Will, Ola, Jean-Marie, Chris, Andrew, Scott, Jason, Chris, Colin, Carlos, Josh


Remember: Agenda must be complete (with estimated times) on the day before the meeting. Any additions after that must go at the bottom (AOCB)

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

  2. Matters Arising (<5 mins)

  3. Web Review: Ola's presentation (45 mins)

  4. AOCB (<5 mins)


  • Last week meetings

    • Email/forums
      • var/log: @Need to modify the page
  • Matters arising

    • Thumbnailing issues and other bugs
      • we've defined QA builds
      • but we haven't defined set testing regiment
      • Josh: would also like to get more (green!) automatic tests going!
      • suggestion: after meeting, mark QA and upgrade mage
      • Jason: is this something we need to all do?
        • Jean-Marie: other people have other workflows
    • @Jason will go over about pages tomorrow night and sends updated text
    • re: Two tracs
      • Everyone should take a look at what others are working on
      • Flip-side: update your tickets if a ticket will be taking time
      • Best practice: add info to tickets
        • even along the lines of "not feeling well, will take longer"
    • Scott: any problems with agilo?
      • Jean-Marie: easy to see what other people have planned
  • Ola presentation

    • Now more insight-like with 3 panels
    • Two different views of the middle data panel (thumbnail and table view)
    • default view: 2 panel (left+center) till dataset clicked (then 3 panels)
    • metadata panel shows: full image preview, comments, global metadata, aquisition data, tags, annotations (each on separate tabs)
    • Will: add tags, comments, attachments to the metadata panel
      • All creation goes to another tab "Create tag..."
      • Chris: possibly use a popup ajax box for creation (gather all of creation on one tab perhaps?)
      • Should optimize for reads (though we need data)
        • Andrew: key things in read only form on preview or metadata pane
        • If not all in one place, it's difficult to compare, e.g., tags & comments
      • Brian: collapsible sections rather than tabs?
      • Jason: less space for creation is right
        • but opening something new for creation might not be
        • minimizing the number of new pages?
        • being able to see the thumbnail (preview) when editing is nice
        • @need research on this; see people using it
    • @Discuss: What's the balance between comments and descriptions? (different in clients)
    • Multi-selection: can select via mouse or keyboard
      • Toolbar shows up once you have anything selected
      • enables multi-action editing
      • Will: toolbar in the right-hand panel? Ola: don't know
      • Chris: different from insight workflow
        • for cut-n-copy probably won't be looking at right-panel
        • would be nice if we could multi-select and edit fields for all selected in the right hand panel * Eg: Multi-annotating (say 3 stars) should appear (on the right hand panel)
    • Basket: table format, multi-select enabled
      • Jean-Marie: Why do you add to the basket for some actions? (Eg: sharing)
        • Ola: Because basket items may come from multiple containers
        • Jason: You may want to do all sorts of things to a basket set, (create new dataset, add to dataset, etc)
        • Chris: images in a basket loose context (where did they come from?)
        • Will: only one basket? Why not just use a share?
        • Chris: not needing basket if selection in left and middle panels are synchronized?
        • Andrew: hierarchy multi-selection? Ola: not implemented yet (requirement?)
        • Ola: what's the difference between the clipboard and the basket
        • Will/Chris: currently selection can't be across datasets
        • Will: in insight, go through and add tag to each * Jason: and that's a PITA
        • Ola: Right now we can't do left panel multi-select so we need the basket
        • Jason: insight workflow = i know what i want to do, i select and then i tag * problem (standard for filebrowser): as soon as i select elewhere, that selection goes elsewhere * basket is different. it allows me to come back later.
        • Josh: Maybe the basket should be like an amazon wish list, can be shared, saved, etc. * This could be a part of the overall share UI * Possibly have a temporary (in-memory) share which can be saved on exiting
        • Chris: if we keep it, we have to add it insight
        • "Long-term clipboard" ?
      • Searching: Currently only allows you to annotate found objects
      • History: Calendar on left hand side. Only allows annotation.
      • Web Admin:
        • My Account Page: Owners of a group can manage them here
        • Will: Link to WebAdmin from WebClient? Ola: Yes.
        • Andrew: Group Permissions - are there warning messages on moving from collaborate to public? Ola: @Not yet
        • New Groups: Can now multi-select more the one owner
        • Will: Can we increase the selection color in the admin web client? Ola: Yes
        • Add Scientist: New way of adding group, can now pick one or more groups * Jean-Marie: prefer that the first chosen group is the "default" group * Will: would be nice if we could select all groups to add user to, then pick from that list which is the default * Chris: add multi-groups to a real html table with radio buttons so user can pick one as the default group
        • Jason: compare the selection of the default printer on the mac
        • Jason: overall this is great
      • Client Annotation icons (in left hand panel):
        • This icon is on every object now and looses its meaning, needs to be looked at.
        • Perhaps strip out the users own annotations. Would reduce the number of images which have the symbol?
      • Share UI in Insight?
        • Jean-Marie: doubtful for the release
        • Would need to prioritize for the release.
        • Chris: loses some of its meaning with permissions
        • Ola: getting link to data is as important as share? * Change share focus to public access? (like a blog)

Action Items:

  • Chris: Need to modify the var/log page
  • Everyone: we need to do a sweep to test permsisions changes
  • Jason: remember to go over the about pages tomorrow night for Andrew
  • Everyone: need to explore and decide on how to work with web-client basket
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