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2010-03-18 Thursday Meeting

In Attendance: Brian, Colin, Chris, Will, Jean-Marie, Jason, Donald, Ola, Josh, Melissa, Scott, Carlos


Remember: Agenda must be complete (with estimated times) on the day before the meeting. Any additions after that must go at the bottom (AOCB)

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

  2. Matters Arising (<10 mins)

    • Ola: Modify QA

    • Carlos & Ola: prepare django example after merging next week

    • Chris: finish up the moving of all BUGS to TASKS

    • Chris: turn off Agilo automatic owner assignment

    • Brian: need to specify an image id for origianl files (ADD TICKET)

    • Jean-Marie: organize a time for the oFile UNIQUENESS discussion

    • Jean-Marie: send the dates for Jerome's visit to Jason/Josh

    • Jean-Marie: Contact Jerome to finalize his meeting

    • Jason: send BVMA abstract to Donald

    • Jason: finished the preliminary Paris program

    • Donald: respond to Jason's BMVA email

    • Donald: Contact Josh about anonimization.

    • Andrew: attach files from Imperial to the ticket for n-dimJ

    • Will: test the group/user-name issue

    • Everyone: Alternative storage meeting Thursday 11th with interested parties

    • Everyone: A few FAQ questions left for people

    • Everyone: 2:00 Monday meeting for folks interested in file UNIQUENESS and N-dim.

  3. FS discussion (10 mins)

    • goal for paris?
    • bioformats status: reimport, setting image id
    • multifile/unique file status and database changes
    • are we ready for a big push iteration 6?
  4. Generating sprint 5 (45 mins)

    • Questions: move in/out before meeting or not?
    • What New Tasks were added to old sprint
    • What Tasks are left in old sprint
    • Make new sprint
    • Estimates
    • Move other tasks into new sprint
  5. Email and Forum Review - checked at 11:20 today(5 mins)

  6. AOCB (<5 mins)

    • should the QA site run over https?
    • Paris flights - everyone happy?


  • Matters arising

    • Ola modify QA: ticket creation modified (error & comment sent)
      • trac doesn't like the HTML from web tickets
      • done for everywhere.
    • django example:
      • Carlos committed the latest changes
      • Carlos & Ola will talk next week.
    • Bugs -> Tasks
      • Chris tested on agilo-test
      • Doesn't quite work
    • agilo automatic owner assignment (components don't have owners)
      • Josh: Components are hard to use in agilo. Perhaps reduce?
      • Chris: can clean up
      • Also re-enabling some of the fields
      • NB: referenced_by for tasks causes cycle (boom)
    • ticket created for image id for original files
    • original files discussion: later in this iteration
    • jerome: visiting on the 19th/20th.
    • phpbb upgraded: mostly working. jabber-notifications next week
    • BVMA: Jason sent to Donald who sent also
    • preliminary program written but not out. (need to talk to Spencer)
    • Donald contacted Josh about anonymization (no word back)
    • Andrew added item about FLIM notes ("contact Andrew")
    • NDIM: Jean-Marie and Donald are thinking about it
      • have gotten ourselves into a place where terms could be misintrpreted
    • group-name: solved
    • FAQ: a few are open. @Andrew will follow them up for final website changes
      • In some cases, create place holder page, add ticket with TODO
      • Could be large amounts of work for several people
      • First answer, and then we organize them (other pages)
  • FS

    • plan is to have the basics ready to use bioformats on the fly in sprint 6
    • test performance once all the pieces are hooked together
    • various other things (scripts, etc.) would benefit from knowing where we stand on FS
  • Generating Sprint 5

    • Best practice: Its not a good idea to attach a story to a sprint because this makes it hard to move later.
      • ...unless you know that the story will get closed.
    • Jason: there will be some histology discussions going on during the iteration
    • Moving tickets in/out before planning
      • Andrew: Moving things out of the sprint doesn't seem look like a good idea (graph changes)
      • Graph doesn't now show that there was a big blip
      • Best practice: try to not put new stories/tasks into the current sprint
      • Best practice: DON'T move tasks out of the OLD iteration before the meeting (do it together)
      • Best practice: DO move tasks into the the NEW iteration before the meeting
      • Best practice: First thing in planning meeting, look at old whiteboard
      • Best practice: For testing, create a testing "task" - "X Demo (Sprint X)"
      • Best practice: please create a ticket for your commits (if its not already linked to a ticket)
      • Best practice: documentation should go in slice2html and we point people there
      • Best practice: if you need something from someone, CC them on the ticket
      • Best practice: if the weekly whiteboard review would move your open ticket to 'done', do it beforehand.
  • Emails/Forum/Misc

    • forums: nothing outstanding
    • QA: everything previously reported
    • QA on HTTPS? No more IPs. (same for hudson)
    • Jason gone next week. 8 hours ahead of UK
  • Action Items

    • Andrew: Follow up on the final website changes
    • Ola: One outstanding FAQ for you which needs to be linked to the API
    • Brian: move #1967 to a story (sprintless)
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