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2010-03-04 Thursday Meeting


Remember: Agenda must be complete (with estimated times) on the day before the meeting. Any additions after that must go at the bottom (AOCB)

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

  2. Matters Arising (<10 mins)

    • Chris: send a direct follow up for BF data needed
    • Josh, Ola, Carlos: discuss django app
    • Donald: write to ome-devel
    • Chris: add block import ticket for BF
    • Andrew: send a reminder to everyone on nitpick about FAQ changes needed
    • Andrew: look at the FAQ stats as well.
    • Everyone: at end of iteration, FAQ/samples work
    • Will: Go see Tom about his gel imports
    • Everyone: look at the commit methods and make any comments
    • Everyone: continue using trac, next Thursday we will be using a 'real sprint'.
    • Everyone look at the examples in the commit methods.
    • Chris: put up the admin stuff needed for sprint svn
    • Everyone will then need to change their commit method
    • Everyone: agree that 'one day = 6 working hours'
    • Chris & Brain: Go through feedback QA for importer and clean up tickets.
    • Everyone please remember to keep your job pages up to date!
  3. Generating sprint (40 mins)

    • Quick point: granularity of tickets?
    • Quick question: how much per sprint?
    • Replace graffle with Agilo
    • Assigne tasks and estimate
    • Estimates
  4. Email and Forum Review - checked at 12:40 (5 mins)

    • Email - Shawn Garbett: [ome-devel] Validation Exception
    • Forums - Data from Nadine link, Not starting on reboot link
    • QA - 1 failed import, 2 insight exception, 3 web errors (recursion, startswith, EmailTemplate) list
  5. AOCB (<5 mins)

Top Ten FAQ questions

170 ome-xml-and-ome-tiff/how-can-you-represent-binary-image-data-in-xml-using-plain-text (entry 121)
103 ome-xml-and-ome-tiff/what-file-extension-should-i-use (entry 56)
82  omero/why-is-format-xxx-in-bio-formats-but-not-in-omero (entry 47)
56  omero/do-i-need-a-server-why (entry 23)
53  bio-formats/how-do-i-use-imagej-with-bio-formats (entry 23)
51  bio-formats/how-do-i-use-matlab-with-bio-formats (entry 14)
48  omero-clients/can-i-open-an-image-stored-in-omero-in-imagej (entry 10)
48  omero-clients/what-is-shoola (entry 16)
47  ome-xml-and-ome-tiff/is-my-ome-xml-ome-tiff-file-valid (entry 16)
47  omero-clients/can-i-still-omero.editor-as-a-standalone-application (entry 11)

Total single question views 2134, total FAQ page views 1995, all figures since new new FAQ pages added June 2009.


Brian, Josh, Andrew, Colin, Scott, Chris, Donald, Ola, Will, Melissa, Carlos, Brian Jones, Jason


  • Last Tuesday's (02/02/10) meeting mintues: accepted

  • Matters

    • Chris is in the process of updating user names for the commit-hooks
    • Chris sent direct email to BF user. No reply yet. @Melissa will try after Friday
    • Josh, Carlos, and Ola still haven't talked. @Talk!
    • Donald: push writing ome-devel off for 2 weeks?
      • requirements email?
      • too early to mention mongo?
      • Jason: spirit is to get people to realize that things are evolving
      • @Donald writes ome-devel with such an email
    • Chris added block import ticket
    • Andrew: FAQ done. Stats at bottom of page.
      • Views are a bit hard to interpret, but not too bad
      • Goal: "thank you for your question, here's a link"
      • cross-linking!
      • Scheduling time below
    • Tom: no reply @Will will try again and contact Case (data-in, matlab, hammamatsu in repo)
    • commit hooks: @Chris does a couple hours of work and let's everyone know
    • reporting system seems to be fixed up! (Thanks, Chris)
    • importer QAs: Chris did clean up last week. (Ola killed the notifications)
      • last 3 month cleaned up
      • important ones are in the trac
    • requirement page
      • permissions and scripting improvements done
      • Will: looks nice
      • Ola: can't add reference to closed bugs
      • Ola: no way to add tickets from shoola
        • Josh: Use parallel requirements
        • @Confirm with Jean-Marie
      • @Chris will script moving all bugs to tasks!
      • @Ola modifies QA to make tasks and not bugs
  • Sprint planning (15:27-16:50)

    • Granularity
      • Josh: felt like some stories should have been requirements
      • Will: some tickets definitely weren't half a day (for 3 levels)
    • Number of things in a sprint
      • Felt schizophrenic
      • Perhaps we could try to do less (cF. last whiteboard) and group stories
    • Last server whiteboard
      • permissions: Shouldn't have been in Sprint 3
      • @Chris and Melissa add OME-XML examples
      • scripting
        • params
        • stdout/stderr
        • groups
        • property files
    • Last client whiteboard
      • All cleaned up
    • New Sprint
      • sprint 4
        • Jason: Should I add model evolution on trac/omero or trac/ome-xml? OME-XML
    • Transition of user names outstanding
      • Will, Chris, Ola, Carlos, Brian
      • Previous crew is being disabled
    • @Chris: update svn for users and remove old users from svn
    • @FAQ review next Monday,
    • @Next time, everyone brings laptops to modify tickets
  • email/forum

    • Validation responded to. @Should go on FAQ
    • Chris got response from Nadine with ScanR
    • init script
    • QA: @import handled by Brian
      • @insight is concurrency
  • AOCB

    • Josh: demo video up for scripting. maybe it'll be useful
    • Blog: lot of trash, 6-10 spam emails per day. turning off comments
    • Will: tuesday meetings?
      • Colin & J-M
      • Carlos & ASCB (@Chris sends summary email about discussion with Jean-Marie & Will)
      • Key-Value pair schema for the short-term?

Action Items:

  • Josh, Carlos, and Ola really need to sit down and talk about a django example
  • Donald: write ome-devel about mongo migration in two weeks
  • Melissa will follow up to BF user if necessary
  • Will: contact Case about data-in, matlab, etc.
  • Brian: clean up the last of the QA tickets
  • Chris: go in and change all old bugs to TASKS with the prefix 'BUG:'
  • Ola: Confirm if there is a way to add tickets from shoola with Jean-Marie
  • Ola: Modify QA to submit tasks and not bugs
  • Chris & Melissa: add OME-XML examples
  • Will: add an error to console out option for scripts
  • Chris/JM/Josh: Need to add a few things to trac for 'bug triage' with JM on Friday
  • Chris: is going to update svn for users and remove old users from svn
  • @Everyone: 3PM Monday FAQ meeting.
  • Brian: pick up import QA/forum items and ticket.
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