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2010-01-07 Thursday Meeting

Attending: Brian, Chris, Andrew, Donald, Will, Ola, Colin Carlos, Melissa


MEETING will start at 3pm due to a funeral

  • ASCB Followup Email

  • Quickly: Outstanding email and posts (checked Thu@11:00):

    • Connection and Session timeouts - by bernhard » Mon Jan 04, 2010 11:42 am link

    • Collaboration functionality in bets4.0.3 - by belanna11 » Fri Aug 07, 2009 9:32 pm link

    • OmeroWeb Sever list is empty - by bernhard » Tue Nov 03, 2009 3:21 pm link

    • From: Subject: [ome-devel] OMERO Importer / Bio-Formats / BD Pathway Date: 6 January 2010 17:24:21 GMT

  • Updates on demo accounts

  • Future Work

    • Beta4.2 roadmap items (per recent emails)
    • Beta 4.2 date
  • Progress/Updates on the Hallowed Graffle


  • Approving Last Meetings Minutes - Approved
  • Matters Arising
    • Jason: @still need testing list
    • Andrew: @Will resolve various schema diffs
  • Importing Task List
    • Testing should be ready to roll. See nitpick email about access to nightshade.
    • If a few attributes are missing add to ticket 2403.
    • If you have a LOT of changes, update the ticket for that file specifically, or add a new ticket.
  • Testing Scripts (Will and Jean-Marie)
    • Will will put up a webpage with his movies/existing testing scripts
  • Emails / Forums
    • Donald: Answer Curtis' ROI email. Undoing changes to put shapes back in display options, but associated with the entire ROI
      • Means we don't have to populate it over and over again.
      • If linked back to a single object it will affect all linked object
      • Should we allow shapes in the same ROI to have different attributes (like color)
      • Donald happy to change if needs be.
      • Chris: has nothing to do with geometry. Having lots of Display options a nightmare.
      • Donald does not think this is a sensible option from code gen. Moving display options up to ROI not possible till roi-roi link.
      • Need a mini-group discussion (next Tuesday) with Curtis to work this out.
    • Loci-Tools email:
      • Melissa will need to deal with that.
    • Chris will handle the email from John Hufnagle.
    • Chris has an insight concurrancy QA ticket. This is still happening rarely.
      • Solution might be to remove the list causing the error.
  • AOCB:
    • Nothing to report yet!

Action Items

  • Jason: Need testing list
  • Andrew: resolve difference in the schema
  • Everyone: remember to do your testing for importer files
  • Will: finish website for existing testing scripts
  • Donald: Answer Curtis' ROI email, set up mini-group discussion.
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