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2009-07-24 OME group conference call


  • Test Engine Builds

  • Edinburgh visit

  • EM data-repo?

  • Outstanding E-mails / forum


July 24th 2009

In Attendance: Brian, Carlos, Colin, Curtis, Will, Scott, Melissa, Ola, Jason

  • Test Engine Builds

    • Need to get on top of problems when the test engine fails
    • If you submit a new version of bio-formats please see if you can fix any bugs you bring in
  • Edinburgh visit

    • Still no confirmation for 3rd or 4th week of August (Wednesday) but expecting one soon
    • Plan was to arrive around 10/11am
    • Lets ask them what they want and we can adjust to that
    • Jason will probably not be available for the meeting
    • Ideally would be nice to get them running their own setup
    • Otherwise, will set up a demo server in Dundee (check ahead of time that they can connect with a client).
    • Need them to get us a room. Either with machines we can use, or get users to bring laptops.
    • We should take laptops as backup.
  • EM data-repo?

    • EM data should go to the squig for now. Need to make sure rsync goes up to skyking.
  • Outstanding E-mails / forum

    • Need a response to the email about archiving on the mailing list - Jason?
    • Ola is looking at the one forum question currently outstanding
    • Importing of tiffs showing up with the wrong color channel
    • LIf list questions are ongoing and being responded to
    • Jason may send out an email to the list mentioning some vacations

Action Items:

  • Brian, forward archiving email to josh/chris
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