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2009-12-01 Tuesday meeting




  • 4.1.1

    • open
      • delete on OOM; multiple problems
      • just get it out (OOM is in preview)
    • moving forward
      • only SPW-export and bug fixes on branch
    • timescale: documentation & updating the download page
      • web changes
      • movie page (will's done it)
      • obsoleting the bioformats list
      • OME-TIFF moving to (update docs)
      • by end of today hopefully
  • admin

    • invited to submit a strategic award application to WT
      • no priority changes over next 3-5 months
      • outcome known at the earliest oct. 2010
    • jcb dinner (sunday, 7PM) invites
    • ascb meetings:
      • before we leave, have trac updated in 4.1 series
      • discuss at ASCB, to do timeline's shortly afterwards
  • live demo of scripts

    • why is it attached to the project and not the dataset?
    • what tags are used? all not just dataset
    • how to reopen the activity window?
    • need feedback, trying to deal with large space of possibilities
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