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2009-11-24 Tuesday Meeting


  • ASCB
    • Get meetings scheduled is last major todo. By Thursday.
    • Jason? Unsure
    • AV? Unsure
  • Demo accounts
    • Looks good.
    • Ola
  • 4.1.1
    • Need more people testing in anger
    • Get tickets up. Have limitations pages filled out.
      • Screenshots on tickets would be great!
    • web configuration has changed significantly!
    • OS
      • Donald: Vista (upgrade)
      • Brian: 10.6
      • Ola: 10.5
      • Will: 10.4
      • Josh: server 2003
      • Chris: linux ubuntu 9/10 (+opengl)
      • Colin: linux ubuntu 8/10
      • Jason: XP
      • @Jason also puts on squig 2Kx2K and 3Kx3K
    • chris updates Mage
    • bioformats changes?
      • version #? got increased yesterday
      • no planned changes.
  • OMERO.tables presentation comments
    • Jean-Marie: keeping up withe query usage for indexes
    • Jean-Marie: come up with a "policy" for column definition, like scripting
    • Chris: don't use subclassing for the FK columns
    • Donald: namespaces for columns rather than many types
    • Jean-Marie: cF. URLAnnotation. need to be careful or maintenance overhead
    • Jason: possibly certain accepted types (cell count?)
    • Chris: vendors don't seem to provide the derivation-style info
    • Jason: and if we give them examples.
    • Chris: Perhaps.
    • Chris: Example driven approach takes work, but is more viable
    • Jean-Marie: need to see about user interaction with the tables
      • top-to-bottom preview
    • Jason: heatmaps? most of the pieces are there
      • per-image, single value
      • find what are the bottlenecks
    • Donald: way to copy a portion of an HDF? more or less.
    • Discuss Scripts+Tables+Measurements(model) at ASCB
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