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2009-11-10 Tuesday Meeting

Attending: Andrew, Donald, Jean-Marie, Josh, Scott, Will, Curtis, Melissa, Carlos

  • Agenda

    • Administrative
    • Andrew: ASCB & NDIM
  • ASCB

    • mini-group meetings
      • let Andrew know what everyone wants to discuss
      • will try to setup a general schedule of booth staffing
    • our booth
      • Not sure of the amount of traffic
      • Possibilities limited
      • Don't know about location of micromanager
    • equipment/hardware
      • badge-scanner: categories "omero", "bioformats", ...
      • ...
    • materials (ideas!)
      • posters: need to decide on topic and find publisher (by end of month)
      • t-shirts: everything should be ready soonish
      • cellprofiler material possibly sitting on table
    • Update Thurs. next week. (power, furniture, network, equip. ordered)
  • NDIM

    • 5 solutions
      • adding D won't be used if another NDim solution used
      • re-using C is a proof-of-concept
      • stitching images together at a higher level
      • ndim & subdimensions: adding dimensions at the top or bottom
    • need to define the cost of doing this to know when/if to do it
    • NDim seems to be the only viable solution (stitching possibly then on top of that)
    • Chris: have to decide how much we have to encode in file and how much in db (and how much do we want to write)
    • Donald: looking at other technologies, too
    • Curtis: SPW is metamodel to describe higher binary dimensions
    • geospatial says only 4D (spatial-temporal). collections of 4D objects
    • how many images 6DIMs and beyond?
    • possibly just doing NDim in the backend and restrict to 5D for the interim period
    • support for histograms? attaching to original blob
    • what happens to channelcomponent and planeinfo which are 5D specific?
    • curtis: repeating a histogram, so rasterizing in C is out.
    • curtis/chris: space wastes of describing nicely modelled objects
      • get somethings out of the database
    • options
      • keep 5D test HDF
      • example schema for NDIM (where is metadata attached)
      • testing bottom-to-top to better estimate size.
      • making list (Curtis/Melissa) compile list of things that don't have a place
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