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2009-10-09 OME Group Conference Call



  • Time-limit for meeting?

  • ASCB - rooms booked - next progress after release

  • October Get-Together Wed 21st - Fri 23rd (any updates)

  • Quickly: Outstanding email and posts (checked Fri@13:00):

    • Re: Task panes instead of Tabs by dskanth

    • Re: Reading in Aperio SVS files by sac

    • No emails outstanding

  • Features: see working Features Page (private)

  • Glencoe Update

  • Release

    • Tickets / Issues
      • Dir Import Performance
      • Temp files/dirs
      • Multi-threading in bf
      • tx issues
    • Releases, Previews, Experimental-- which is what is where....
    • Status : Review graffle
    • Schema
    • Docs
    • Website changes


  • ascb
    • rooms booked. omni hotel. next to baseball stadium.
    • everything else after end/Oct mtg.
    • discussing with JCB. Andrew makes appt via Angie.
    • travel? SPEAK UP.
  • oct mtg?
    • next Friday we set an agenda
    • process + todos for ASCB and beyond
    • everyone's having a short, feasible list
  • email / forums
    • Jean-Marie will look into the tabs comment. Probably all coming in 4.1
    • SVS thread: back and forth. Basically big images.
  • feature list
    • everyone needs to add some points
    • zooming, having a lens, ... basic things.
    • have a backlog of things to write up
    • breaking down by functionality?
    • starting from Ola's pamphlet
    • how much work to turn pamphlet into webpage (with videos)?
    • Ola makes a template, and we go from there
      • next week with Andrew
    • metadata support: how to represent it?
      • screenshot or movies?
      • with some short text
    • Jason will add text to each bullet point
    • Everyone makes movies
    • Andrew gets new Snapz for everyone
    • On Windows? Probably use Snapz over RDC.
  • release
    • tickets/qa : have to keep everything in line
    • client-side : lot of good testing, windows & mac
    • makemovies: have to get it working again
    • transaction issue: hard to reproduce, haven't seen in a while
    • naming fixes
    • lei fixes
    • getPossibleDomains/getDomains: used wrongly.
    • dir import: SPEED
      • danger of importing a fileset multiple times
      • user should know what's in a directory
      • UI: user selects a lot of crud and put up warning?
    • temporary files (Chris / Josh)
      • editor, importer, various server components
      • doesn't prevent RC
    • multithreading in bf: io infrastructure, ReflectedUniverse
      • not a good idea to use bf multithreaded at the moment
      • going to ignore the issue for the moment
    • windows install
      • Donald ran into a lot of issues that should definitely be in FAQ
      • QUICKSTART.bat is now quite useful of developers
      • installer.exe : too sketchy
    • imagej
      • fixing ant build (naming issues)
      • tested this morning. plugin works.
      • needs packaging
    • rc
      • directory import fixes by the end of the day
      • Chris: builds and deploys on warlock, and sends emails
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