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2009-08-07 OME group conference call

Attending: Brian, Jean-Marie, Will, Andrew, Scott, Jason, Ola, Chris


  • Edinburgh visit
  • Channels of different sizes
  • Outstanding E-mails / forum
  • Janelia Conference

Minutes: - In Attendance: Brian, Jean-Marie, Will, Andrew, Scott, Jason, Ola, Chris

  • Edinburgh Visit

    • Confirmed visit
    • Jason may not join us
    • Need a head's up on who's going so we can decide if we are taking taxi or train
  • Channels of Different Sizes

    • We need a way to link the respective images in OMERO and treat as a combined image at the visualization level.
    • Do these things get stored as a single 5d image or as separate images?
    • From the data model level either method above is fairly easy, but not from the database side
    • The 'combined visualization' feature is needed anyways for formats like Leica
    • We are essentially talking about multiple pixel support
    • Do we need a way to map one pixel plane from image A to another pixel plane from image B
      • Datasets might work here (put them in as separate images)
      • Annotations?
      • We will need to fix this creating a proper structure of image grouping
      • Main focus after release to end of year
  • FLIM

    • JM has contacted Pieta about her algorithm but has not heard back yet
    • Andrew has a number of changes to the data model based on his meeting in Imperial.
  • Beatson Meeting

    • Have them arrive on the Thursday (27th)?
    • Approach Michael/Iain for joining us for lunch + 1 hour?
  • Emails/Forums

    • After the review, if there are outstanding emails, we should update the minutes to reflect who followed up
  • Janelia Conference

    • Jason is going to talk to them for next week and get an idea of how we can interact with them

Action Items

  • JM: Survey of who is coming to Edinburgh visit so we can decide to take taxi or train
  • Andrew: Contact Clair about Different Channel sizes and suggest the use of multiple images
  • Andrew: Write an email to the list about namespace and annotations for multi-image support (Talk to JM & Chris for details)
  • Team: Meet on Monday to get a list needed for next week's visit
    • ROIs final spec
    • Carlos/Ola sync
    • Co-generation technical/conceptual completion of Group B
    • Melissa, Ola, Chris, Brian sync for bio-formats, test engine, importer
  • Brian: Set up a meetings/agenda page for next week's annual meet
  • Andrew: Pass around the data model change proposal diagrams (based on your visit to Imperial)
  • Scott: Will take up the task of contacting the folks at Beatson. arranging scientists, tables, lunch reservations, etc.
  • Jason: Respond to Nick Perry this weekend.
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