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2009-07-31 group conference call

OME group conference call



    * Update on FLIM.

    * Group B Summary

    * Visitors....

    * Group A External Testing/Updated Importer/Data Uploader/

    * Outstanding E-mails / forum


Meeting Notes:


In Attendance: Brian, Carlos, Colin, Curtis, Melissa, Will, Jason



  - Jason is checking with Andrew on status. To be discussed at next week's meeting (read the doc!).

  - Need to discuss that all next week and try to update that all shortly after that (next few weeks).

  - Starting around the 7th with this again

* Group A

  - Need to have get test engines working before release and ensure reliability with latest BF

  - Meet with Jean Marie to go over the file details information we should be collected for the test files and how to display them

* Visitors

  - Coming August 5/6

  - Still need to get our trip in the 3rd week of August detailed (its on a Wednesday)

  - Organizing some trips to the south would be good (Imperial, Cambridge, etc).

  - Team members (Melissa, Carlos, etc) will be here on the 9th and 10th.

* Group B

  - Meeting on Monday to discuss documentation

* Michael's Tool

  - Jason will send around Michael's email so we can all have a look at his new analysis tool

* Boards and Emails

  - Still getting lots of forum spam which we need to find a better solution for

  - Olivia email about Matlab needs a response (28th of July)

  - STK comment from Ronato needs a response (28th of July)

  - Jerome email will get a ticket and contact from JM

  - Robert (July 22nd) archiving question still needs an answer

  - Martin email: Make sure to get a response and that his files are in the test suite

  - Daniel (21st of July): Jason will respond

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