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2009-07-17 Project-wide meeting

Attending: Josh, Chris, Ola, Curtis, Melissa, Will, Brian, ...

Adhoc meeting notes

  • Group A

    • Brian: working on getting session-based import (gui) in place
    • Ola: getting the registry up (google maps)
  • Group B

    • not much.
    • focusing on performance issues of SPW
    • xsd-fu working against Andrew's latest copy
    • getting code generation working after vacation
    • getting report of FLIM
  • misc

    • will: movies are up
    • will working on EM support. examining EMDB
    • import errors
      • buffer error
      • division by zero? not reproducible outside of testengine
      • lsm detector.
    • josh has been working on ROI API
    • carlos working on updating viewer
    • ola has some on getting histograms into browser (rois too)
  • bioformats

    • major reorganization of tiff logic
    • trunk may be broken. apologies in advance.
    • IFD with OO
    • mentioning the breakage on ome-devel
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