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2009-07-10 OME Group Conference Call


  • Website

    • FAQ
  • 4.1

    • Report - Group A:
    • Report - Group B:
  • Misc

    • Outstanding emails & forum posts:
    • Videos
    • Group meeting in Dundee?


  • Visit to Imperial College London, London, UK - feedback in next weeks meeting

  • HCS work

    • lots of import changes
    • testing ~100GB of data
    • bioformat changes:
      • 1 reader added
      • improved SPW for incell and flex
      • measurement files for those now being attached
    • anything in webclient?
      • nothing yet.
  • group B : xsd-fu

    • chris working on getting code-gen working
    • some work left to do on references
    • need to sync back to ome-xml svn
  • group B : other

    • waiting on lifetime info
    • N-dim discussion?
      • look at it closely. is this the right time?
      • timeline for discussion? early to mid august
  • lifetime

    • feasible to integrate slimplotter with OMERO?
    • use OmeroReader (IFormatReader implementation)
    • sits on top of bioformats
  • group A

    • moved off to a branch to keep the trunk feedback working
    • work on pages to display results
    • general improvements to source code
    • errorhandling queue with checkbox for uploaded files
    • goal: getting more data tested, tracking format supports, ...
  • misc

    • carlos working on merging to trunk
    • beta4 an trunk have code for enabling group permissions
    • auto-generator for bioformats C++ bindings (header file listing all)
    • community
      • no forums spam
      • chris still needs to reply to insitutional resources
    • full stack trace for r2526
    • Melissa: visiting dundee for roi support?
      • Are we planning on a full dev meeting this year?
      • Broader meeting with the community?
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