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2009-06-12 OME Group Conference Call




  • Embi meeting:

    • Meeting had alot of positive feedback.
    • Already have folks willing to have us come for an omero day.
    • Andrew talked to Urban Liebel and he still seems keen on us using his grid. Needs followup
    • Need to look at our indexing scheme to support everything Urban wants to do.
  • ASCB booths are being looked at. Going for a double sized booth but location is tight. Will need to decide next week.

    • We could apply to do tutorials. Deadline is August but first come first serve. They are expensive.
  • Website:

    • Andrew needs help with FAQ so dig in.

    • If we are going to give out our omero leaflet we should do so on the website. Before we do we should update to the tradmarked logo.

    • Andrew will remake the logos for inclusion on the website.

    • Sending Imperial 4.0.4 on Monday after adding a few fixed from Glasgow demo session.

    • Will release OmeroJ for those wanting it at the same time with caviets to mailing list.

    • If anyone has tickets from Glasgow add them!

  • Group A:

    • uploader for web is pretty good, java one is working bit needs integration, Will has more min/max values defined in the sanity check xsd.
  • Group B:

    • xsd is coming along. Once sanity check is done we should be in a good position to do a manual sanity check recorded to OME-XML.
    • Joss will need to give us feedback on third party licenses.
    • Forums are good. Emails seem to be well covered this week.
    • Cellprofiler integration will be evaluated by Donald before we make any official decision about support or do we go forward with the Python version.
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