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2009-05-15 OME Group Conference Call

NOTE: DIFFERENT TIME - 11:30am (UK) this week. Attending: Brian, Carlos, Cat, Chris, Donald, Dundee, Jason, Josh


  • Paris Meeting

  • OMERO 4.1.0

  • Data modeling for lifetime and beyond


As Jason is in a meeting at 2pm we are again this week going to have the meeting earlier in the day.


11:30am(UK), 6:30am(Boston), 5:30am(Madison)

All those that can make the new time are most welcome.


  • Paris

    • 66 attendees
    • program : review
    • need to bring data
      • screening examples
      • test dataset from michael
      • @Brian brings his drive
      • server is coming too in case of connectivity issues
    • pick-ups arranged?
    • UI: logging as much of requirements as possible
      • leave a computer with the wiki up for user amending?
      • possibly poster on methodology
    • faq poster
  • updates coming from jason

    • all pretty exciting
  • 4.1

    • not opengl, but the other 4.1 functionality (movies, etc.) demo'able
    • needs to be committed to subversion
  • FLIM

    • review of devteam discussion
    • using deltaT in planeInfo to differentiate (rasterizing)
    • supporting N-dimensional object. more uses are coming online (OMX,...)
    • trying to keep as much information as possible
      • structural illum. v. flim v. ... timelapse
      • supporting a wide-spectrum of use cases
    • discuss in Paris
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