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2009-05-01 OME Group Conference Call

Attending: Curtis, Melissa, Kevin, Jason, Chris, Donald, Jean-Marie, Brian, Andrew, Josh


  • OMERO 4.1.0

  • Paris Meeting

  • Vidoes

  • Website

    • FAQ
    • Plone
    • Navigation
    • Look and Feel
    • Forums v Mailing List


  • ImageJ

    • Been on Curtis' list to make a toolkit out of visualization code
    • Need way to pass raw data in
    • IFormatReader? Current code doesn't do virtual stacks
    • Actively being worked on right now
  • ROI Tool issue

    • reported by Michael
    • not able to draw rois on any new image
    • fixed; new release of insight? also a few importer things.
    • 4.0.3 Yes. Also possible importer changes. (see below)
    • New rule: "No releasing without having used it"
  • Importer

    • way to turn on all the formats without doing a new release
    • Brian typically sends a special release to given user, who's aware of the instability
    • wrong with turning on the option? becomes a support nightmare
      • but it tells us what people are trying / interested in
      • problem with screening data (no visualization; how useful then?)
      • but that's possibly an issue only the user can decide
      • without a UI, add importer.txt to config/
  • 4.1.0

    • For Paris?
      • JOGL dependencies is possibly risky
      • support issues, builds, etc.
      • cF. windows-story for 4.0
      • Try to get all functionality in for Paris. "Preview"
  • Paris

    • List of things we want to get out of Paris
    • Everyone send a list by Tuesday (to Andrew/Jean-Marie)
    • Examples: next file formats (metadata/file formats), build (jogl), ... youtube ("how do you want interaction to work?")
      • Note: some users are willing to fill in forms, but only if they do it once and can use it everywhere
    • Need to Programme done by following Tuesday (especially breakout session names)
    • Making videos
    • 50-53 registered. ~20 showups?
    • expect high-level presentations on first morning. then interaction, demos
    • "i want to install with a developer (back home)"
    • higher level, getting to know OME
  • Metamorph

    • dimensionality: Z v. T v. C
    • Melissa: should not be expected.
    • Need data to test. (Chris sends to Melissa)
  • Website

    • FAQ needs entries. Can we come up with enough? (Eventually we can have something smarter)
      • Going through recent emails
      • "Do I need a server?"
      • "Why have you moved to Ice?"
      • First come up with questions, then we come up with answers.
      • Possible to put FAQ up on stackoverflow (like putting our screencast on youtube)
    • Need to reinstall Plone with buildout
      • Lots of things (dropdown, graphics) can't be done without buildout
      • Currently working on navigation
    • Need videos (and other content)
    • Need:
      • new OMERO page (in new style)
    • forum
      • having mailing list traffic automatically on forum?
      • yes.
    • moving feedback somewhere official
      • have to redirect old urls.
      • shared account for restarting server
      • take code and put it in a repository


In attendance: Brian, Curtis, Melissa, Kevin, Donald, Chris, Andrew, Ola, Jean-Marie, Scott, Jason

  • ImageJ Plugin: Curtis and JM seem to be in sync. Curtis should have his changes set for next week. Plugin still needs some caching and fetch fixes.
  • We will make a 4.0.3 client release with bug fixes for importer and insight.
  • Move import_readers.txt to config folder
  • Do we have time for 4.1 before Paris? We should at least do a preview before we get there. Josh will have the window installer at least for Paris. OpenGL probably not. Let's not rush.
  • For Paris we should have a meeting to determine what to ask there. Send 2 to 3 things you would like to get out of Paris to Andrew by Tuesday so we can discuss on Wednesday. Finalize by Friday.
  • Curtis, Kevin, and Melissa are all coming to Paris.
  • Creating mpgs is just about to go.
  • Scott is going to send out a few tutorial movies for Photoshop that are good examples for our own efforts.
  • Andrew is going to compile a list of common questions dr the new FAQ.
  • Chris is going to look at having the mailing list dump to the new BBS.
  • Paris is going to be about listening to users and breakout sessions and less about presentations.
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