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2009-04-17 Project-wide Conf call

Attending: Melissa, Curtis, Colin, Carlos, Josh, Brian, Donald, Ola, Andrew, Jean-Marie, Jason

  • OMERO Release Bug
    • 4.0.1 importer not working against 4.0.0 server
    • Website needs notice to this effect
    • Future servers need to pass back the correct version number (4.0.1 currently returns 4.0.0)
  • ImageJ Plugin
    • OMERO datasets/projects now available in plugin
    • JM will look into updating the login for the plugin to give it a splashscreen
    • JM will also look into adding a viewer chooser popup
    • Otherwise, everything else is mostly done
  • OMERO.web
    • Carlos' changes will be moved to trunk after he updates his copy.
    • Until then, Ola will need to use branch
    • Carlos should be done with his changes in a few days
  • Bio-Formats
    • There is some call for Python development from Baudry's group
    • Currently, Curtis is working on ITK/C++ bindings which is about '97%' done
  • ROIs
    • The ROIs being passed by BF are still using the old bounding box model
    • Brian is working on updating his work to deal with that (update: bounding boxes are not being no-op'd)
    • Brian expects to be done early next week
  • Website Redesign
    • Lots of discussion about how the new design should look
    • Decided that mockups would be the best approach so we can gauge design options
    • Examples sites of interest: BBC, Firefox, Micromanager, Magnification, O2
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