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2009-03-27 OMERO Conference Call



  • Schedule for these meetings
  • Beta4
  • Docs
    • Going live with: ?
    • Deprecated pages on tracs: how to mark them, etc.
    • Going through everything that's there to prevent misunderstandings.
  • Further Testing
  • Licensing - all sorted?
  • OMERO Week - follow up


Omero TS

  • meetings

    • next week is proj. wide?
  • beta4

    • nightmare documenting for windows
    • otherwise all looking good
    • can tag and publish the pages when ready
    • sending email to list (jason does confocal)
    • news item on the website
    • big 40pt. "4.0.0 from the front page"
    • 2 clicks or less to "Getting started"
    • scaling down front graphic to add links?
    • Jean-Marie working on small movies (eventually 10-15)
    • testing?
      • feedback certainly straight-away once released
    • upgrading?
      • currently doing storage migration (finished monday)
      • then will switch over nightshade
    • upgraded screenshots coming (will be done as we go along)
    • will be removing PDF documentation (videos better)
    • is your one-stop portal
      • unless you want to get your hands dirty (then use tracs)
  • licensing

    • LICENSE.txt been changed for all packages to GPLv2
    • Apache foundation's readying seems to be acceptable
  • OMERO.week follow-up

    • download information email coming once announcements ready
    • any extra information to lifesci folks? server
  • Monday meeting

    • getting as complete a list as possible
    • use results of meeting as a follow-up from the lab meeting
    • jean-marie booking for 20:30 on monday
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