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2009-03-13 Omero Review Meeting

Attending: andrew, carlos, colin, curtis, jason, josh, melissa, and in dundee: jean-marie, chris, brian, ola


  • OMERO Week -- anything need to be done?
  • ImageJX
  • packaging and putting up Beta4-RC2: when and where?
  • docs list-- where? what is done, what needs to be done and who is doing it?
  • testing-- who is leading this? which users? How do we ensure complexity and diversity of client apps and functionality are covered?
  • Licensing of OMERO (see memo from ZeroC). Is it sufficient to just use choice of GPL versions?


  • omero week

    • wireless link?
    • power issues
    • donald's laptop is presentable to use
    • 4 people booked so far. Andrew gets master schedule to prevent dups.
    • no firm plan okay for Thurs./Fri. demo
    • Talk Wed. afternoon on upcoming demos
    • use mage or bring own server? @someone checks wireless
  • ijx

    • See also: imageja, fiji
    • Google Groups
    • flexible IO would be a big interest of ours
    • Getting involved in the model discussion
    • to-be-discussed in Paris
  • Beta4 (RC2)

    • importer
      • Windows usage
      • cleaning up some of the build (importer-common, importer)
    • status update
      • mage-test
      • Ola wrote emailing script
      • send email, update blog, twitter?
      • Jason: packages as RC2 on milestone download page?
        • applications are good enough that people should start using them
        • must be clear how to get started
        • for internal use, don't say: just go to hudson
      • Brian: some users were not able to connect due to version #s
      • Chris: must be careful to not do one off builds.
      • RC need to follow a structure to prevent things down-line
      • Let's stick to this!!
    • estimate
      • new server on Monday? then RC2 then and let users test it
      • release week after if things go well?
      • on milestone download page? Problematic.
      • new tag? Sure.
  • documentation

    • Discussion Wedensday to move most documentation to
    • should be trying for no code changes over next week
    • Josh: there are some modifications for advanced usage (clustering)
      • will do in branch if is destabilizing
  • testing

    • Jean-Marie taking the lead
    • turning even personal emails into tickets (like feedback)
      • CC usable images
      • users also appreciate being notified by trac
  • licensing (ICE)

  • Image/Pixels (Bernhard Voigt's email)

    • OMERO assumes 1-to-1 (i.e. not exposed or used)
    • Assume it will move out of the schema eventually
    • Bioformats never writes out multiple pixels (does read)
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