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2009-02-27 Omero Review Meeting


  • saveRenderingSettings : blocking. under way. @Josh sends an email over the weekend.
  • dead lock : one fixed. Haven't reproduced any others. (thread dumps, please)
  • keep alive : everyone will look into it.
  • saveAndReturnArray : save two pixels, modify both; send them both --> error
  • good import performance (even for incell datasets). IO bound.
  • imagej : unclear if ready for release.
  • webclient / shares : waiting on #1156
  • Chris will test nightshade upgrade (very long!)
  • release : 2 weeks from today is a hard-limit
  • candidate on Monday

buffer image

  • 4.1 will include OpenGL code as workaround
  • 4.2 bigger things
  • need to have a discussion in a few weeks to discuss

protocol editor

  • file annotation is ok for 4.0 release
  • Will is looking into a table model for future storage
  • relationship to standalone?
  • roughly 4.2 line.
  • beginning of discussion: "what can be handled as annotations and what not?"


  • two small bugs
  • OMERO needs jar for OME-TIFF
  • otherwise tagging for Monday is fine
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