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2009-02-13 Omero Review Meeting

Note: Changed time this week start 3:15 with finish 4:30 at latest. Attending:


  • OMERO Summary

  • Bio-Formats

  • Model Changes

Notes -- Issues

  • Performance issues with import/indexing, hung server and Ice.ConnectionLost exceptions (#1182)

  • Save/update of annotations, immutability problems, Ola and J-M to test (#?)

  • Donald to create ticket with updates on BufferedImage + scaling memory leaks in JVM (#?)

  • Ola and sharing, read-only events make stateful services and @Transactional(readOnly=false) methods all fail; ThumbnailBean and RenderingEngine are inoperable while connected to a share (#1179)

  • Starting the server, issues with database session table duplicates (#1181)

Notes -- Successes/TODO

  • All file formats importing successfully (albeit individually)

  • J-M almost finished pushing down annotation and container calls to server

  • Performance of Project/Dataset and annotation calls now much faster

  • J-M, Chris, Andrew and Josh to discuss SPW final updates Monday

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