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2009-02-06 Project-wide Conf Call

Attending: Kevin, Melissa, Curtis, Colin, Carlos, Josh, Chris, Brian, Donald, Ola, Andrew, Jean-Marie, Jason

Note: Changed time next week start 3:15 with finish 4:30 at latest




  • General / Admin

    • Paris date confirmation. 19th & 20th.
      • Seems fine. Flying home on the 21st?
  • 4.0

    • Goal of the end of the day to have builds of everything?
      • @Someone send a link out by the end of the day
    • private permissions: currently still at rwr-r-
      • not accurate testing
      • @make the change
    • mime-types
      • capitalization, format v. mimetypes, duplicates?
      • Just create a mapping?
      • just add the mime-types?
      • in 4.1, add new table / subclass, etc., etc.
      • Carlos: library from zope/plone for guessing mimetype?
    • ticket cleanup
      • work going on to remove them
      • everyone should feel comfortable moving/assigning tickets
      • Brian: much prefer some adding a ticket...
      • keep an eye on what there is to do!
    • ticket:1150 (last time #803)
      • rounding is nasty.
      • Move everything to double? Accept idiosyncrasies. "OMERO only double"
      • our own type?
      • very late in the game to be making big changes
      • giving the reason in the specification
      • similar issue with timestamps
      • @Monday morning no rfloats
    • getVersion
      • need to log in as guest
      • @clients try to implement
    • what's visible in insight as an admin
      • no issue
      • might be dangerous until testing with the permissions
      • admin could break a users image
      • Delete....
      • (profiles for creating objects passed on graph & current user)
      • (searching has been left behind a bit)
  • formats

    • INCELL
      • relying on the well indexes
      • objects are not ordered
      • WellSample.index is redundant
      • How do we know a WellSample links the proper image??
      • WellSampleRef after the fact with WellSample and Image?
      • Ignoring ordered well samples for now.
    • HDF
      • need to put something up on the website
      • potential strategies, etc.
      • waiting on resources.
      • commercial interest is good.
      • Having it put down on paper would help.
    • imagej plugin
      • curtis was planning on getting docs / videos done
      • andrew is deep in imagej. "he's on it"
    • ordering of elements a la XSD
      • nasty to implement in bioformats
      • exporting to OME-TIFF would be invalid
      • patch release?
    • native support
      • for performance
      • jace seems to be the only game in town
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