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2009-01-30 Omero Review Meeting

Attending: Josh, Melissa, Colin, Andrew, Ola, Jean-Marie, Brian, Will, Donald, Chris


  • Beta4 status
  • T-Shirts


  • importer

    • committed
    • Ola will test
    • session key & dataset requirement dropped for FS
  • logging

    • log4j in omero_client.jar?
    • sure. will probably need a DomConfigurer call
    • sl4j and various other weirdnesses
  • imagej plugin

    • work is progressing
    • may have logged in! :)
  • session bug?

    • very dead
  • findbugs

    • already being produced for the server code
    • can be added to the client code
    • can spend some time configuring it
    • can also fail the build on any red bugs
    • possibly 4.1
  • testing

    • "too mac oriented"
    • several things to work on in the next version
    • pleased with delete. but the corrupted images shouldn't be in the database.
      • something to thing about re: OMERO.fs
      • also need notification to user so they can re-import
      • purging binaries from disk? Yeah.
    • not allowing to modify metadata in 4.0 (probably 4.1 - waiting on the email response)
    • need a day of clicking for testing
    • testing webclient ... IShare fixed? Hopefully early next week after transactions
  • formats

    • melissa working on a few tickets
    • STK? not yet
    • setting up omero server for testing
  • FS

    • all bits in place. will test the cli importer (end of today)
    • colin in Dundee next week
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