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2008-11-28 Project Wide Conf Call


  • OMERO Summaries

    • Beta3.2 Released
    • Beta 4 Status
      • Metadata, metadata, metadata
        • Are we agreed on "Iris"
      • Targets for ASCB
        • "Complete" metadata for DV, LSM510
        • OMERO.web
        • OMERO.fs (demo)
  • ASCB Updates (if needed)

  • Bio-Formats

    • Fixes to model

    • Command line version status


  • Birthdays

    • JMx2
  • Beta3.2 released

    • a couple of jar updates will be pushed out today
  • Beta4

    • iris/correction
    • supporting svs? and less formal formats (quicktime)
    • currently metadata completeness is the focus
    • when we add quicktime and similar, it should also be properly integrated.
    • have to be careful with only partially supporting file formats
      • people will notice that things are missing/wrong
      • will need a re-import feature
    • difference in philosophy: support what we can as soon as possible or not?
    • some form of preview? "in the works"?
    • all a question of prioritization
    • Let's ask at ASCB: binary support or metadata support
    • Remaining issue with laser linkages
  • ASCB

    • showing leica, dv, etc.; omero.web and omero.fs
    • some lessons on web, editor, etc. for displaying
    • got posters, carpets, cards, and more
    • possibly demo'ing OME-XML export
    • updating other imagej plugins
  • Bioformats

    • trying to integrate into wiscan
    • merging various versions of software into a single stack
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