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2008-11-21 Omero Review Meeting

Attending: Donald, Will, Andrew, Chris, Jean-Marie, Ola, Josh, Melissa, Colin


  • OMERO Beta3.2 release

    • What is left?
    • Define target date for release
  • OMERO iterations

    • Metadata
    • Data Model snags
    • Blitz (also: sessions #1114)
    • Upcoming...
  • ASCB update

    • OMERO.fs OS for demo?


  • Beta3.2

    • RenderingEngine issue?
    • Announcing packaging on Monday
    • One bug in importer. Needs investigation. Changes to metadata store?
      • One file format was not importing. Temporary?
    • Josh : applies patches from Glencoe if possible
    • Everything should be done by Monday morning
      • Metadata is too late
    • Probably leaving the out-of-range issues since it destabilizes
  • Metadata

    • Running extremely late. 2.5 weeks or so. No supported file.
    • Binning isn't in. And it's confusing to have just some metadata missing.
    • PlaneInfo is now finally in, but aren't getting linkages.
      • Adding call to setDetector..() method should fix it.
      • Light source and objective settings as well.
    • Having good support for these things is critical for acceptance
    • Push hard so that next week we can have the demo ready for ASCB
  • Data model

    • Aberration correction / iris : discuss during last email
    • Are there any other changes?
    • Any feedback from Kevin and Curtis? Melissa could you ask?
    • Legacy omero things
      • Naming issues: "setup", attributes in planeinfo
      • Handling Image/Pixels by making relationship 1-to-1?
        • Are there commercial customers who are using the 1-to-many functionality?
        • Will have to also add the linkage table between images
        • already difficulty between bioformats & importer
  • Blitz

    • #1114 is finished. The patches from Glencoe are involved.
    • Service for data chronology coming up for implementing calendars
    • Deleting images: files will be unlinked later, but you can force it.
  • Upcoming

    • Delete: working in parallel with the metadata
    • Permissions: putting off until after ASCB
    • Web cleanup against this coming Wednesday
    • Exporting to excel, embedding issues
      • Charts, graphics, etc. in excel
      • Just to show what's possible.
      • Also some work on the wiki front
    • Ongoing discussion about common protocol format
    • Linux as OS demo for ASCB?
      • For the server that makes sense.
      • The constraint is the version of pynotify
      • Jean-Marie is prepairing an agent to show a basic workflow of viewing files
      • Colin arriving on Thursday and can discuss.
      • Will there be a Linux present?
    • Database upgrade scripting probably starts end of next week
    • Will discuss batch for delete, etc. at ASCB
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