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2008-10-02 Project Call

Attending: Ola, Josh, Jean-Marie, Melissa, Curtis, Colin, Chris, Donald, Brian

  • Chicken embryo guys

    • really like projections
    • Importing multiple simultaneous 6Gb files
  • Beta3.1(.1)

    • fixed a few issues (build, search, ...)
    • 3.1.1 today. Done.
    • Jason spams the world. (release and what Beta4 is)
  • screen/plate/well

    • fixing import bug then release?
    • No. Will need testing due to performance, memory.
    • "currently in testing and hope to be in the next release"
    • issue with more than 1000 results causes search issues
  • Blitz migration

    • insight changes going well.
    • hopefully able to compile and see something tomorrow
    • next week start checking every call
    • before second phase: merging server-side calls
    • @Josh: attempts to override getattr
    • RTypes as immutable?
    • Making these decisions public!
    • Migration continues!
  • Data model

    • good chat
    • checking via xsd-fu before release
  • Metadata

    • essentially on hold
    • "how easy is it to get your hands on the data"
    • BIG microscope, with outsiders coming in.
    • big hash maps. storage/parsing. indexing with lucene.
    • key/value pairs. excel.
    • ZVI done. LSM510 in-progress. Getting better experience with confocals.
      • keeping track of things not supported
      • example "scanning mode"
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