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2008-09-18 Project-wide 3:45 BST

Attending: Andrew, Carlos, Chris, Colin, Jean-Marie, Josh, Melisa, Ola

Two sets of notes takes - both listed here.


  • Tiki migration summary: Tiki is almost moved. There is only about 12 pages. Conference Calls and Meetings are moved. What happened with links to the tiki pages on the content? They were replaced or deleted. Articles are gone. Image galleries and movies left. They are used by another pages. Chris: We can save images and keep them for later.

  • Beta 3.1: J-M is working on the improving projection by the feedback. He wants to make the workflow more usable. We should be able to release in the middle of the next week. Ola: WebAdmin throwing an exception when user is logging out and server is shutting down. This is not a risk and doesn't make any effect for user. Because of the migration to the blitz next week, Ola decided to not loosing a time on this ;-) She couldn't find any solution (

  • Beta 4.0: Annotation and Tag: J-M will touch after - for Beta4. Who will implement all code in term of the logic of Annotation and Tag? You Josh? He creates his own types of annotation - rating. How to push this in to the interface? J-M will prepare schema of the interface. What about validation for specific annotation.

by Ola

  • Tiki

    • all general purpose to (conference calls)
    • all omero bits to trac/omero & trac/shoola
    • etc.
    • articles on trac/ome
    • last few pieces to clean up
  • Jean-Marie

    • working on integrating projections
    • interaction with tags, beta4
    • need to also discuss rating & url (validation)
    • for 3.1 should be ok (last work today/tomorr)
    • release by middle of next week
  • Ola

    • 2 exceptions on WebAdmin (thrown on logging out)
    • http session, hard to find out where/why
    • ok to not waste time on them?
  • tasks

    • @Josh: write up and tests upgrade process (from nightshade)
    • any other tasks?
by Josh
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