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2008-07-04 Omero Review Meeting

Attending: Jean-Marie, Josh, Chris, Brian, Donald, Melissa, Will, Catriona, Andrew


  • b3.1 needs (see tickets)
    • Database upgrade for HCS
    • Delete
    • Annotations
    • Other priorities?

  • new website rollout
    • status
    • further editing?

  • UI questions
    • what's an image

  • Videos
    • awesome!!!

  • Misc
    • Vacations (please let's get these scheduled)


  • SPW
    • Brian: missing methods from bioformats?
    • Melissa: would argue against, since it breaks the MetadataStore model
    • Chris: database upgrade largely done (need script)
      • just delete the old tables
      • shouldn't be anyone using it
    • probably not b3.1
    • few plates/wells into mage

  • Projects
    • 60-70% done
    • Missing implementations of doEverything()
    • Need access to service outside of the rendering engine
    • UI is ready.

  • b3.1
    • people off for summer, moving a little slower
    • J-M: will possibly write Annotation Javadoc over summer
      • pass it to ola
      • trying to control growth of database
      • moving different type for "Tag"
    • early september
      • no other burning needs (like 3.0.1)
    • HCS probably in experimental state
    • more discussions on relaxing the model
    • scripting
      • anything other than more docs, examples, tests,...? nope.

  • videos
    • great work
    • everyone remember to keep text sizes large, due to codec

  • vacations
    • jean-marie: next week until middle of ... (didn't hear)
    • chris: next tuesday off catching rays for a week.
    • andrew: last two weeks of august, release before that
    • will
      • sailing: "pretty well. thanks"
      • no other significant time off this summer
    • dmac: most of july til middle of august, but back in between
    • brian: off at the end of august (last 1-2 weeks)

  • what's an image?
    • cat: be sure to send an email with what it is you'd like to find out
    • no jason

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