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2008-05-08 Project-wide 3:45 BST

Attending: Chris, Colin, Curtis, Ilya, Jean-Marie, Donald, Josh, Ola, Melissa


  • None


  • ome-xml thread
    • how to integrate other schemas
    • if they aren't going to use custom attributes
    • CA was a subset of XML with a certain amount of convention
    • want to pump out imported XML with same namespace
    • side-by-side thing with other outer element
    • not one true answer
    • but will control what's in our own namespace
      • if we do full XML (using namespaces), then we might as well do RDF
    • ilya: least favorite solution is the <any/> block. Likes the <omeextended/> ok.
    • curtis: whatever we do to make OME-XML work, can also do to OME-TIFF

  • ilya: NIST-certified microscopes
    • problems
      • 25% of figures are manipulated; sent back to get original data (hard to prove)
      • CFR11 audit trails: usually can't validate the first step
      • stop format insanity
    • solution
      • digitally sign pixels, with certificate authorities going back to NIST
      • for 3rd party to validate, would need to be able to read pixels (we end format insanity)
      • get to put NIST sticker on microscope

  • curtis: www-dev: target date for launch?
    • have to ask jason and/or andrew?
    • content ready for developer meeting. june 20.

  • curtis: email "OME-XML metdata store" concerns?
    • chris: no concerns. let's just do it.
    • curtis: fixing OME-TIFF reader and OME-XML reader
    • curtis: minor fixes in xsd-fu if OMERO needs it.
    • ilya: UML diagram for the SPW?

  • breaking changes
    • josh: some changes going in
    • will update wiki:UpgradeGuie_3_0_Beta3

  • scripting
    • ilya: can I talk to you Donald next time?

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