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2008-03-21 Omero Review Meeting



The backgorund to this meeting is that we need to make final decisions on what will be in Beta3; so we will go through tix, and get very clear where things are.

  • Jason's status-- an apology

  • Paris Mtg: April 29/30
    • Travel being arranged; all are registered?

    • installation ok?

    • Decisions on projections-- what exactly will we do (scripts vs RE; save in DB vs simply display and let user save locally).

    • 2.3.3 importer

    • omero-blog-- any necessary updates?

  • Shoola

  • Status Report
    • Bio-Formats
    • OMERO.server
    • OMERO.insight
    • OMERO.importer
    • OMERO.editor
    • OMERO-FS
      • Anything we can see?
    • OMERO.web (nee OMERO.collaborate)
      • test version
    • OME-XML
      • ome-xml Feb-2008; released? any reason not to go ahead?
    • Website

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