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2008-03-07 Omero Review Meeting



  • Paris Mtg: April 29/30
--Arrangements for Paris; everyone going must tell sheila and Christiane who you are, when you are going (dates). Brian is coordinating this. Please do this soon to help Sheila.

-- installation notes-- there have been some install issues on ome-users recently. This simply reflects increasing usage, and we will need to focus some time on improving, simplifying install. In some cases, solution may be moving whole system over to ICE, but in any case let's get these logged as tix, probably for beta4.

-- Decisions on projections-- what exactly will we do (scripts vs RE; save in DB vs simply display and let user save locally).

-- 2.3.2 importer

-- omero-blug-- any necessary updates?

  • Shoola

  • Status Report
    • Bio-Formats
    • OMERO.server
    • OMERO.insight
    • OMERO.importer
    • OMERO.Editor
    • OMERO-FS
    • OME-XML
-- ome-xml Feb-2008; released? any reason not to go ahead?
    • Website

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