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2008-02-28 Project-wide 3:45 GMT

Attending: Josh, Jean-Marie, Donald, Curtis, Chris, Brian, Andrew, Alexa (reverse alphabetical for a change)



  • XML (Andrew)
    • Feb release tomorrow
      • doing documentation, updating links
      • updating validator
      • everybody's happy
    • chat about XML & nullability

  • OMERO.server
    • Donald
      • Projection script now up and running (needs to store results)
      • More scripts, documentation, etc.
    • Josh
      • Bomb 1: Write lock race condition between JBoss/Blitz with same cron job
      • Bomb 2: Close service issue with sessions
      • Bomb 3: RegisterServiceCleanupMessage
      • Upgrade script should work
    • Chris
      • Updating IO services
      • b2.3.2 release to fix a couple of bugs (from branch)
      • have hacked min/max code back into formats
        • possible interface change; passing in a MinMaxStore
        • Curtis: What's still missing?
        • Several functions in reader are counted out
      • Working on Mac OS X packages
        • Checks for existing postgres, etc.
        • Documentation for the packages (for borked installs, or upgrades)
      • Not bumping server version; but if need to change registry version under hudson

  • OMERO.insight
    • adding various types of annotations
    • will blog screenshots of new functionality
    • looking into new service for unification between the various clients

  • WebClient
    • working on model
    • should have something for looking at soon.
    • showing to people

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