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2008-01-17 Project-wide 3:45 GMT

Attending: Alexa, Andrew, Cat, Curtis, Donald, Jean-Marie, Josh, Will


  • OMERO Server
  • OME Server
  • Web site


  • OME-XML / OME-Server
    • bug fixed in pre-release
    • stiching doesn't work (numbered files), probably also not multiple companion files
    • ideas: release new OME server with new priority
    • Andrew
      • looking at websites
      • hasn't looked at XML (for tomorrows mtg)
      • still looking at which changes need to be pushed out

  • Omero Server
    • Search
      • objects and files are searchable
      • everyone have fun playing with that
      • Curtis: POI is nice. works well
    • All breaking changes (from josh) in
    • Should be stabilizing as of now

  • Cat: finding some of the strategic server stuff slipping through the cracks
    • email is best solution
    • "server Interaction Design emails"
    • high-level
    • forward looking
    • stuff that's coming 1,2,3... months down the line

  • Webpage (Andrew)
    • looking at plone
    • trying to turn functionality *off*
    • changes are made live
    • hasn't started looking
    • Cat can suggest someone to Andrew (plone is pretty successful)
    • josh+chris+jason->list of all our many websites (technology, generation,...)
      • most of its not too scary
    • schema generation
      • !vast number of links between website and the schema documentation
    • will review websites and documentation when Jason gets back

  • client
    • j-marie: few problems while fixing server changes
    • will: thinking about integration with server

  • pasteur rollout coming in february
    • shoot for stability

  • curtis
    • new student: Allison, independent study imagej<->omero with bioformats
    • search: is this like custom attributes?
      • josh: basically, or at least the closest thing we can do at the moment
      • adapted to bioformats use case of saving all key-value pairs
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