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2007-12-07 Omero Review Meeting

Attending: Alexa, Brian, Chris, Colin, Donald, Jason, Jean-Marie, Josh, Melissa, Will


  • General
    • Welcome to our new member!
    • Upcoming vacations and releases
      • Ola: December 18th to January 3rd
      • Brian: January 9th to the 26th
      • Chris: January 12th to 28th
      • Jason: Away for Xmas and New Years, a few days in January
      • Donald: January 15th-ish to Febuary 1st-ish
      • Jean-Marie: Will be away for xmas.

  • Meeting with Ann
    • Arriving on Monday night at the Apex
      • Jm will get her at 9:15 for a 9:30 scrumm meeting
      • scrumm meeting and then break out and she can talk with specific devs
      • Rest of the day with the dev team
    • Dev team with her on Tuesday
    • UI Team with her on Wednesday

  • Status Report
    • OMERO.insight
        • Small change suggestions from ASCB going into 2.3
        • Some small tagging changes going into 2.3
      • Scripting Engine
        • Worked through ICE documentation
        • Starting his first pass at a scripting engine
        • Should be a few more weeks before Donald can show anything really exciting
    • OMERO.importer
      • History about done should be ready for 2.3
      • Doing command line version right after that
      • Then integrity testing suite based on history system
    • OMERO.webadmin
      • Added help section
      • Do we want to hold off on enumerations changes and remove it?
        • Will see if we can get it working otherwise yes.
      • Added LDAP search and import feature (should be ready for 2.3).
    • OMERO.server
      • Server is up on nightshade. Still need a few fixes for memory bugs and rendering engine
      • Seems to be some error finding user credentials (Josh, Chris, and Jean-Marie will discuss it offline)
      • Will be adding "ping" for 2.3
    • ome xml
    • Website changes
      • (Since Andrew is away will discuss xml and website next week)
    • Bio-Formats
      • incell 1000 format now supported
      • Should have Incell 3000 supported soon
      • Should have Ilympus CellR (APL)

  • Beta 2.3 Notes of Interest
    • Is the Release Date still OK?
      • Need to go through tickets for dec 20th release (2.3)
      • December 20th seems good.
      • Freeze day should be next week the 14th.

  • Beta 3.0 Notes
    • Importer
      • See what can get done for Incell Screen Plate Well modeling
      • See what can get done for stitching

Action Items

  • Everyone please make sure your 2.3 tickets are up to date with what you are releasing
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