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2007-11-23 Omero Review Meeting



  • Action items from last mtg-- updates
    • Josh: Create tickets for LDAP Secure login and gather requirements, etc. #838 (Unsure of relationship to LDAP ~j.)
    • JM & Ola: Work out some of the new Pojos bulk services.
    • Brian & Chris: Work out XML modelling features required for the importing of screen-plate-wells
    • Brian get Michael to generate some small incell sample sets for testing
    • Jason: working on Evotech data and will have it delivered to Melissa
      • waiting on response from Evotec
    • Brian: Put together a list for Jason to review

  • Beta 3.0
    • Rendering Engine and Thumbnail updates
    • Command Line Import and Testing Framework
    • Secure Login? Per last meeting, just needs docs?
    • Insight: tagging status? Approval and testing by UI team?
    • WebAdmin-- maybe a wiki, with images (Jason's latest wacky idea...)?
    • Protocol Editor-- with ontologies in, what next?

  • Admin things
    • Office furniture here, power and ports being fitted; maybe in by end of year.
    • Colin Blackburn starts Dec 1.

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