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2007-09-28 Omero Review Meeting

Attending: Jean-Marie, Chris, Jason, Donald, Alexa, Will, Josh, Andrew, Melissa (did I forget anyone?)


  • Movies
    • lo-res released
  • Beta-2.2 Tix and Code Freeze
  • Beta3 Tix
  • OMERO_CMS : Re: UI mtg, 12. Sept. 2007
  • Any other priority issues


  • lo-res movies released
    • more work coming

  • b2.2 server
    • waiting for brian for release (wanted fix for missing metadata)
    • performance
      • lots for testing of thumbnails
      • big datasets and small tests, everything gets slow
      • couple thousands is enough to start
      • independent of user
      • use warlock to test (9000+images)
      • only IPojos.getImages()
    • what server to use?
    • bump valewalker?
    • possibility of corrupted rendering settings
    • warlock? users have to import the data.
    • major issue
      • changing settings needs viewer<->can't open viewer when corrupted
      • adding right click-->"reset" (apply to several)
      • good for usability anyway
      • working for next week
      • doing it (with rollback possibilities)
    • @josh talks to jean-marie on monday
    • @chris builds over weekend

  • b2.2 client
    • no tickets :)
    • applying rendering settings is done
    • roi tool on target
      • re-open file
      • got a little too ambitious, some features added to next release
    • lots of good improvements

  • tabling beta3

  • CMS
    • Josh interested in conversation
    • Jean-Marie investigating uploading word-document and displaying it to the user
    • tabled with beta3

  • file formats
    • 3 formats not supported: ome-xml, ome-tiff, evotec w/ compression
      • limiting? brian/chris working on something (chris/curtis)
    • not in b2.2 (need re-architecting)
      • would then allow properly supporting various XML schema
    • #789 large file import
      • lots of planeinfos
      • tx timeout?
    • imaris file
      • floating point smaller than postgres size. (pixelSizeX)
      • 1e-41

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