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2007-09-20 Project-wide 3:45 BST



  • Data Model: changes, updates and versions
  • Updates
  • Bio-Formats: status update
  • OME-TIFF: status update
  • OME 2.6.1: Status update
  • OMERO: status update
    • server
    • importer
    • insight
    • webadmin
  • Review of who is doing what
  • Other


  • Data model versions and minor changes
    • Major versions vs. Minor versions (discussions are a bit confused as to what these mean)
    • Major version is a schema namespace change
    • Minor version is a change in the schema element incrementation
    • Change "minor version" of OME-XML 2004 from "FC" to "FC+TIFF" or "FC-TIFF" (documenting TIFF change)
    • Change "minor version" of OME-XML 2007 from "1" to "2" (documenting regex change, etc.)
    • Tickets for minor changes to OME-XML 2007 (Trac Milestone — Interim Schema Release)
    • Fix documentation on "Description" block (Ticket #7)
    • Andrew to update OME-XML 2004 schema with new "Description" documentation and "minor version"

  • ManufactedSpec and FilterSpec
    • Making serial number optional? To **ome-nitpick** (Andrew).
    • Making lot number optional? To **ome-nitpick** (Andrew).
    • Combining ManufacturedSpec to with FilterSpec and choose (SerialNo vs. LotNo)? Yes, in the future.
    • Strict vs. Lite in the future and optional/strict tags possible. Speak in Two Weeks about this.
    • Homework assignment: Banners of shininess suggestions.

  • Updates
    • Tabled till two weeks from now.

  • Bio-Formats
    • Usual bug fixes
    • Indexed color (intensity vs. pseudo-color maps)
    • Compressed DICOM
    • ColorExpander (wait for input from Brian)

    • Andor support for OME-XML and OME-TIFF
    • Curtis to get templates to Chris for Java mappings

  • OMERO Server
    • New I/O functionality in
    • Jean-Marie and Aleksandra's code for settings propagation
    • Thumbnail synchronization fixes to be looked at
    • New rendering engine updates for out-of-range issues

  • OMERO Insight
    • Synchronization with server side changes and new rendering engine

  • OMERO Importer
    • Bulk metadata for image formats that are not metadata rich
    • New formats from Melissa that have been validated

  • OMERO WebAdmin
    • Nothing to report

  • Other
    • Ilya: To attach a TAG to OME_2_6_0 for OME_2_6_1_FINAL.
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