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2007-08-24 Omero Review Meeting

Attending: Alexa, Brian, Cat, Chris, Donald, Jason, JMarie, Josh, Will


  • Movies
    • tech, how far to go
  • 2.2/2.5 move
    • priorities
    • what's in there?
  • Beta3
    • Priority issues


  • Movies
    • Jason has done resources that wants to redo
    • Upstairs done: Brain, Chris, Donald(ROI), Alexa, Andrew
    • Missing:
    • Hollywood WebAdmin Movie
      • Added big introduction "WebAdmin what is it?
      • Fade-in, Fade-out
    • @Seems to be the template. Ola is rendering.
    • License for Ola, can also render in interaction design lab
    • Brian helps out.
    • Jason redoes OME Resources this afternoon, and first part of insight vid
    • Done in next week?
    • Sure, Ola and Brian get things set up
    • Quote: "We're interacting"

  • Release b2.2
    • First/second week of October
    • 2.2, 2.5? ==> 2.2!
    • @Need to update tracs
    • Outstanding for server
      • JBoss upgrade? DO IT. @Document upgrade process
      • Upgrade script for ldap
      • Bug fixes (blitz, ivy build, etc.)
      • Which parts of the rendering?
        • Ability to copy across images
        • Most of the code is in client
        • Needs interface server-side
        • getImages() is extremely slow! @Find ticket numbe
        • #778, most likely from Hibernate upgrade. @Need failing test

  • Release b3
    • What goes in?
      • Need to have an idea about tagging.
      • Annotations of rendering settings (timestamp,...)
      • Similar to the external id/attributes proposal
      • How to display?, Etc.
      • Examine after b2.2, initial parts of b3
      • Will be ripped out if need be.
    • Feature list
      • Some of thumbnail fixes in b2.2
      • Melissa update
        • several ready (~5 incl. avi, etc.). Might not want to support all.
        • LEI and LIF out in 2.1
        • avi probably not a priority

  • OMERO mtg in 2 weeks
    • do we need a hard-core ticket mtg?
      • josh says yes
      • more useful for server guys (no weekly mtg.)
      • @going through tickets in 2 weeks!

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