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You are here: Home Community Minutes Conference Calls 2007 2007-08-10 Omero Review Meeting - Beta3 12:30 GMT

2007-08-10 Omero Review Meeting - Beta3 12:30 GMT

Attending: Alexa, Andrew, Brian, Catriona, Chris, Josh

Meeting Items:

Status Reports:

    • Usable Image summary
    • OME-XML status
      • Andrew/Curtis have updated the OME-XML site and its ready for being announced.
    • OMERO.server Summary
      • Updating warlock to the new version of JBoss, this will require a new build of the clients to work with this version.
    • OMERO.importer Summary
      • code changes for the fileQ are done, should make making a command line tool and test tools much easier now.
      • Need to find out the status of .liff files.
      • Melissa set up now and is testing things
      • Are we adding importer as an insight agent?
      • Something that validates base schema issues is pretty close to release now. Expect it soon.
    • OMERO.webadmin
    • OMERO client Summary
      • Only one outstanding but from Beta 2.1 with the line drawing tool that Donald has plans to fix after his holiday
      • JM is now working on additions for beta 3.0
      • Getting new "multiple" rendering def. options added with Chris' help.

Action Items:

    • Everyone: Time for a ticket clean up!
      • Please Go through existing tickets and highlight everyone's tickets you feel need to be changed to 'done', then alert the person in charge of that ticket and let them know.
    • Chris & Jean-Marie: Look at how to integrate the auto-generated user manual into the existing website (suggestion of in a "learning center" section on the website).
      • Would be nice to tie 30 second 'podcasts' into the existing online documentation.
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