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2007-08-02 Project-wide 3:45 BST

Attending: Alexa, Andrew, Brian, Cat, Chris, Curtis, Jason, Jean-Marie, Josh, Melissa


    • The website is now on google.
    • The parser is still being worked on by Andrew.
    • Should we release the site as is? The answer seems to be "yes" from all parties.
      • We can roll out the validator code when its done in a few weeks.
      • Curtis suggest we make an announcement on OME-DEVEL/USERS/CONFOCAL when the validator is ready.
      • Would be nice to have more overview links (simple as linking back to original documents for overview)
        • Announce latest changes, Screen/plate/well changes, etc.
  • Bio-Formats/OMERO testing: status update
    • Melissa has everything set up and should be able to start testing the new formats
    • We are getting a positive review from the scope providers towards the new bio-formats formats table
    • The question of how best to map the OMERO and OME objects came up
      • It would be nice to be able use the XSD (schema definitions) more effective to auto-generate the mappings between OMERO and OME.
      • Chris has been testing auto-generating versus mappings written by hand.
  • SPW Model: implementation tickets
  • Review of who is doing what
    • Other

Action Items

  • Andrew: update the screen/plate/well write-up and examples.
  • Curtis: Generate some example pages with code examples showing how to use .NET to create OME-TIFF
  • Brian: Help Melissa set up the server locally for her.
  • Melissa/Brian/Curtis/Chris: See about extending the bio-formats test platform to create an OMERO object that can be examined/tested.

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