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2007-06-08 ...

Attending: Chris, Jean-Marie, Andrew, Brian, Donald, Alexa, Josh

  • Notes
    • Chris
      • File handle issues are fixed
      • Passivation problems fixed.
      • Need to test update scripts
      • Otherwise server is ready
      • Closing #724

    • Josh
      • Nothing for server. Good to go.

    • Homburg
      • Packaged server, install help from Chris
      • Packaged insight (from J-M)
      • Need latest importer (on lsm. But there's been little testing) (Brian)
      • All information emailed to J-M
      • J-M will integrate the user guide.
      • Brian: where can we view the user guide? J-M will send.
      • J-M: What are the new file formats for the user guide?

    • Other
      • J-M: how to get low pixel? query/method?
      • Brian:
        • Will merge trunk back to 3.0-Beta2 (Josh: branched at r1585)
        • Fixture may fail (on leica. dv should work)
        • Fixture tickets (command line?) gets done in 3.0-Beta3
      • Chris will synchronize his commits too. (oh, and Brian's too.)
      • Everyone try to look at the XML and get back to Andrew by end of Monday (PLEASE!)
      • Andrew is working on a sample file that has one of everything, and three of somethings.(look at it together on subEthaEdit)
      • Short discussion on the capitalization conventions
      • LSID regex? Old one is a bit lax. And enforces gibberish for local lsids.
      • Andrew will link to a diff of what he's done for review. Edit: Difference report is available at
      • Closing ticket #555? Josh closed.

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