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2007-05-31 Project-wide 3:45 BST

Attending: Alexa, Andrew, Brian, Catriona, Donald, Iggy, Jason, Jean-Marie, Josh


    • Review of last project-wide ConferenceCall 2007-04-26 if necessary
    • News and Updates
      • Bio-Formats status
      • OME-XML Evolution status
      • OMERO.server Beta2 Summary
      • OMERO client Beta2 Summary
    • Review of who is doing what
    • Other


  • OMERO Status
    • insight Status
      • DataManager
      • ROIs
    • importer Status
      • Been working on Importer/Bio-Formats optimizations this week (which are now done)
    • OME-XML
      • Experiment types have not been updated, because it is already a list object
      • Experiment ref was suppose to get an operation ref (for ROI use) but this seems to be redundant
      • Needs to sort out filters, tiff specifications and will talk to the Madison guys about it. Expect the first draft in a week or so.
      • Will get an OME Core done shortly by working with the OME team in Dundee
    • Server
      • We have largely fixed file leakage problems, which also fixed some performance issues with thumbnails and retrieval
      • Still need to fix rendering def. creation
      • Largely fixed the scalability issues
      • All the schema updates nicely, (big problems right now are enumerations)
    • webadmin Status
      • LDAP is coming along
    • Closing and rearranging tickets

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