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You are here: Home Community Minutes Conference Calls 2007 2007-04-26 Project-wide 3:45 GMT Whoo: everyone's on DST!

2007-04-26 Project-wide 3:45 GMT Whoo: everyone's on DST!

Attending: Alexa, Andrew, Brian, Catriona, Chris, Curtis, Jason, Jean-Marie


    • Review of last project-wide ConferenceCall 2007-03-16 if necessary
    • News and Updates
      • Paris Mtg: Review
      • OMERO Client updates-- Beta1.2 (jrs)
      • OMERO Beta2 (jrs)
    • Review of who is doing what
    • Other


    • Beta 2: "Calum" is having a problem viewing images/thumbnails without the new jboss_removing.jar that is now in the new 1.2 test build.
      • The final solution is to fix the entire jboss setup with a new version in Beta 2
    • Niggly bug in all three clients that were set up for Beta 1.2 still need fixing (and are currently being worked on)
    • Need to come up with a better build process for Beta 2.
    • Ola is going to release her stuff next for the dev team to test next week and provide feedback.
    • Will not be updating Jboss to 4.2 until Beta 2.1

    • Upcoming meetings
      • Next client meeting will be next Wednesday (as usual).
      • Next OMERO Trac meeting will be (tentatively) on May 18th.

Action Items

    • Jason: Get Andrew/Jean-Marie the notes from Paris for Monday
    • Andrew: On Monday, update the website with the Paris notes.
    • Brian: Investigate if the problems "Calum" is experiencing go away with the new jboss_removing.jar
    • Brian: Send Curtis .nd files
    • Jean-Marie/Catriona: Send Brian trac tickets and email about any needed changes to importer on Wednesday next week.
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